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Second Generation Arccos Golf - New Arccos App (with 40,000+ GPS-ready courses), 50% smaller sensors & improved analytics!
GPS-Ready on 40,000+ Courses - Yes, the Arccos App is a GPS system too - and a good one at that! Leave your GPS or rangefinder at home, Arccos has got you covered.
No tapping required (ever). Pair Arccos Caddie once and just play golf! It's as easy as that.

Arccos Caddie Smart Sensor Set (14 Sensors)

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Arccos Caddie Golf GPS Game Tracker


Arccos Caddie helps you shoot lower scores by making data-driven decisions on the course, where the proper choice is often the difference between a birdie or a bogey. It can be used before, during or after a round, regardless of whether you have previously played that course.

What's Included in the Box?

  • 14 Arccos Caddie Sensors (13 Club Sensors, 1 Putter Sensor)
  • Free Arccos Caddie App Access

Product Information

arccos-caddie-phones.jpgArccos Caddie

Welcome to the 2nd generation of live golf stat tracking. The leader in on-course analytics Arccos Caddie takes its predecessor, the original Arccos 360 system, to new heights with a several really cool improvements. The Arccos Caddie set comes with 14 ultralight sensors that automatically track every shot, providing in-depth analysis of your round. 

The Arccos Caddie will help any golfer understand their game at a new level. Here's how:  



The smallest sensors ever pack a big punch! The sensors are designed to be not alter your swing and last up to 5 years without any charging required. 


  • Each sensor weighs about 11g each
  • 50% smaller and lighter than older counterparts
  • Does not alter swing 

No Charging

  • Battery guaranteed to last 2 years (and can last up to 5)
  • Absolutely no charging required. 
Easy to Attach 
  • Set includes 13 sensors and 1 putter sensor 
  • Screw each sensor into the end of each grip until tight
  • Fits universally on traditional golf grips of any size (May have problems fitting counterweighted putters)


Once you attach the sensors and pair with your device, the Arccos sensors will detect and calculate each shot without having to fuss with anything.


Bluetooth Technology 

  • Pairs with any Bluetooth-enabled device that is using the Arcoss Caddie app

Begin Round on the App

  • Find the course you are playing on the free Arccos Caddie app, select the hole you are starting at, and begin
  • Sensors communicate the data from every shot to your app without having to do anything with the app or the sensors

Tips & Tricks

  • Keep your phone on you while playing
  • Carry your clubs upside down while walking
  • Multiple shots from the same location will be ignored
  • Purposely address all putts including tap-ins
  • Download the course information in advance
  • Begin a round with sufficient battery on your phone



Use detailed performance breakdowns to know how you hit each club and guide your practice and equipment decisions. 

Smart Caddie Advice

  • Uses personal performance data, other users' shots, course data, elevation data and weather conditions to provide best shot strategy 
  • Displays wind speed/direction, elevation change and "Plays Like" distance

Smart Distance

  • Using compiled data and trends from all of your rounds, Arccos estimates your expected distance on a well-struck shot.
  • Excludes mishits and abnormally long shots to provide true distances
  • Useful to understand and use each club in the best situations

Smart Range

  • Arccos estimates expected range on well-struck shots
  • Narrower range is indicative of more consistent shot performance




Arccos Caddie uses data and formulas to provide the best shot strategy in any situation, allowing golfers to optimize their game.


How It Works

  • Uses personal performance data, other users' shots, course data, elevation data and weather conditions to provide best shot strategy
  • Displays wind speed/direction, elevation change and "Plays Like" distance
  • Recommends ideal club and path 
  • Caddie gets smarter with each shot you take

Data Presented




  • Distance by club
  • Fairways hit vs misses left/right
  • GIR% (Left, Right, Long, Short %)
  • Sand Save %
  • Driving, Approach, Chipping, Sand and Putting Handicaps
  • Average distance to pin on Approach, Chipping and Sand shots
  • Chip and Down
  • Sand and Down
  • Putt %
  • Average number of putts (per hole, round, GIR)
  • Club Usage


What's new with the Arccos Caddie?

The Arccos Caddie is Arccos' latest upgrade to its industry-leading shot-tracking technology. These are the features the Arccos Caddie has added.  


  1. Lighter Than Ever - Now the sensors are ultralight and low-profile that are 50% smaller and lighter than our Generation 1 sensors, ensuring the sensors never interfere with your swing. 
  2. Arccos Caddie Access - Access to Arccos' Smart Caddie technology is now free of charge. Simply download the free app and take advantage of Arccos' artificial intelligence to optimize your game. 
  3. Upgraded GPS 2.0 System - Built-in GPS function automatically gives you the distance to the front, middle, and back of the green.
  4. Enhanced Rangefinder Function - Use the rangefinder beacon to drag it to any point on the screen to give you distance to that point, as well as distance from the point to the middle of the green.
  5. New Shot Detection Algorithm* - Increases the sensors shot-reading accuracy and virtually eliminates the need for post-editing.
  6. Power Saving* - Allows users to play rounds in airplane mode, dramatically reducing phone battery drain and eliminating data roaming during international travel.
  7. Battery Guarantee* - Sensor batteries are certified for a minimum of two years without charging, and are built to last up to five years.

* - Indicates features that were introduced with the Arccos 360 that are now featured on the Arccos Caddie.



Power Bundle


  • PlayBetter Portable Charger (2200mAh)


Ultimate Gift Box


  • PlayBetter Portable Charger
  • PlayBetter Car Charger
  • PlayBetter Wall Charger
  • PlayBetter Protective Hard Case
  • Packed in a Black Gift Box with a Red Bow and Red Crinkle Paper


Arccos Caddie Frequently Asked Questions



What is the difference between Generation 1 and Arccos Caddie sensors? 

Arccos Caddie features ultralight, low-profile sensors that are 50% smaller and lighter than our Generation 1 sensors. 

Arccos Caddie sensors also enable the key enhancements made in our second-generation system, including: 

New Shot-Detection Algorithm: Increases accuracy and virtually eliminates the need for editing 
Battery Guarantee – Certified for a minimum of two years without charging 
Power Saving – Allows users to play rounds in airplane mode, dramatically reducing phone battery drain and eliminating data roaming during international travel 
GPS 2.0 – Hands-free shot mapping combined with rangefinder distances in yards or meters to any point on more than 40,000 courses

Can I purchase additional sensors? 

U.S. residents may purchase additional Arccos Caddie sensors for $20, including shipping, handling and tax. For non-U.S. residents, additional shipping rates will apply.

How long will the batteries last in my sensor? 

Arccos Caddie batteries are certified for a minimum of two years without charging or replacing. 

The batteries in our Generation 1 sensors are designed to last between 30-40 rounds. And can be replaced with CR-2032 3-volt batteries.

How do I replace the batteries in my sensor? 

Arccos Caddie sensor batteries are not replaceable. We guarantee these sensors to last a minimum of two years. Internal testing, however, has shown that the batteries may last longer than two years.

How much do the sensors weigh? 

Arccos Caddie sensors weigh only 7 grams -- nearly 40% less than the previous Generation 1 sensor. 

Generation 1 sensors weigh approximately 11 grams each.

Are Arccos sensors water-resistant? 

Both the Arccos Caddie and Generation 1 sensors are designed to be highly water-resistant and highly resilient to most normal weather conditions.

Why does my putter sensor look different than the other sensors? 

Due to the sensitivity required by the sensor, the technology in our putter sensor has not changed.



Why do I have to keep my phone in my front pocket? 

Our new sensor technology broadcasts a unique frequency upon impact. For the system to properly record the sensor shot, the phone must be positioned in the front pocket. 

Our automatic hole switching algorithm is also dependent on the player accessing the green, and moving on to the next tee box. If the phone is not in your pocket, the app (using your GPS location in the phone) will never know that you accessed the green, and automatic hole switching will not work.

Can I play without a data connection? 

As long as you download the course you will be playing on WiFi prior to your round, you will be able to play without a data connection. After a course has been downloaded, you will see a blue check mark signifying the course has been stored on your phone.

How much of my phone’s battery will Arccos Caddie use? 

Arccos Caddie should use between 40-60% of your battery during an 18-hole round. If you operate your phone in Airplane Mode (iOS only) you should see only 20-40% battery drain. Note: When using the phone in airplane mode you must enable bluetooth, so that your putter sensor will work. 

Battery use is also dependent on the phone and integrity of the battery itself, as well as the length of the round.

How much of my data plan will Arccos Caddie use? 

Arccos uses less than 1mb of data during an 18-hole round. 

You can also play a round without a data connection, assuming you have downloaded the course beforehand on WiFi. After a course has been downloaded, you will see a blue check mark signifying the course has been stored on your phone.

Do I need to manually switch holes? 

As long as you keep your phone in your pocket and access each green and the following tee box sequentially, Arccos Caddie will automatically switch holes for you. 

If you skip a hole or do not play the holes in sequential order, you would need to manually swipe to the new hole that you will be playing and click ‘Play Hole.’

How will the app know if I begin a round on a different starting hole than No. 1? 

Prior to your round, it is very important to select the appropriate starting tee on the ‘Start Round’ page. 

If you select the incorrect starting hole, make sure you swipe to the correct hole prior to your first shot, and select ‘Play Hole’ in the lower left hand corner of the bottom toolbar.

How does it know where my shot occurred? 

Arccos sensors are impact sensors. They detect the impact of your shots and plot them through the course as you take them. Once two shots are detected, the Arccos system can calculate the distance between the two to determine how far you have hit each shot. 

In order to achieve this, the system relies on the phone’s GPS to know where each shot is located, which is why it is very important to have the phone in your front pocket at all times. 

Fairways, greens, tee boxes, and bunkers are all mapped in the Arccos system so we also know the terrain of each shot taken.

How do I use the GPS and rangefinder? 

Arccos features a built-in GPS function that will automatically give you the distance to the front, middle, and back of the green you are playing. Click the location arrow in the top right hand corner to view this GPS screen. 

To activate the enhanced rangefinder function, tap and hold anywhere on your phone's screen. You can drag the location beacon to any point on the screen -- this will give you the distance to that point as well as the distance from that point to the center of the green. This is handy for exact distances to hazards, or to determine the best location for layup shots.

How do I edit first putt distance and flagstick location? 

Start by navigating to the whole you’d like to edit. Select ‘Edit’ in the lower right hand corner of the screen. Activate putt and flagstick editing mode by tapping the putts on the hole. Toggle the first putt location and flagstick location to the approximate location. Select ‘Done’ in the upper right hand corner to permanently save these changes. 

For more information, view our video tutorial on editing putt distance and flagstick location.


Post Play 

What is Smart Distance and Smart Range? 

Smart Distance is Arccos’ estimation of your expected distance on a well-struck shot. Based on your historical data, it excludes mishits, and abnormally long shots giving you a much better picture of your true club distances. 

Smart Range is Arccos’ estimation of your expected range on well-struck shots. A narrower range is indicative of more consistent shot performance. 

Smart Distance means there is no need to manually curate your shots, as Arccos will automatically do it for you, however users may turn Smart Distance off in the settings page. 

Doing this will show club averages on the clubs page where you can manually include or exclude shots.

Is there a place where I can view more detailed stats than what is available inside the app? 

Yes, there is a web dashboard for the Arccos Caddie product. Visit and log in with your Arccos username and password to view your rounds and extensive analytics, detailed historical breakdown and more.

Can I make edits on the Arccos dashboard? 

At this time, edits can only be made on the Arccos app. We hope to enable shot editing via the Arccos dashboard in the future.


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