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$300 Off SkyTrak (and all packages) with 2018 Holiday Golf Simulator Sale

November 8, 2018 / Team PlayBetter

$300 Off SkyTrak (and all packages) with 2018 Holiday Golf Simulator Sale

If you’ve ever visited us at, you’ll know we love golf and the toys that come with it.

Yet above all of the gadgets and accessories to help improve your game, there’s one that we put above the rest and that’s the  SkyTrak Golf Launch Monitor & Simulator. If you’re looking for the best indoor golf simulator for your home or office, a simulator that gives you incredibly accurate readings while playing on the most famous golf courses from around the world, then the SkyTrak is your first and last stop.

And now, for a limited time, you can take advantage of a great deal on a new SkyTrak system. Right now, PlayBetter is offering $300 off the SkyTrak system and all of the bundle packages, too. This is the lowest price the SkyTrak goes to on a yearly basis, so now is the time to buy!  

Can you go all winter long without being able to golf anytime and on any course you choose? We didn’t think so.

Over the course of SkyTrak’s existence, we’ve written several articles about the program and just what it has to offer. But in case you would like a refresher,  our main SkyTrak page has an index of all the articles we've written over the years, or you can check out SkyTrak’s introduction video below.

And in case you’re still on the fence, it might be good to know SkyTrak was recently awarded the Golf Digest Editor’s Choice for Best Simulator in the Value category. So not only are you getting an amazing value for your money, you’re also getting the very best. Quite the win-win situation.

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