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5 Reasons Golfers will Love the New Apple Watch

September 10, 2014 / Olivia Witherite

5 Reasons Golfers will Love the New Apple Watch

Yesterday, we were glued to the Apple keynote livestream. Yes, we’re excited for iOS 8 and new iPhones in our pockets, but we were absolutely thrilled for the new Apple Watch. Not only will it be an amazing gadget for any techie to have on hand, but we also believe it will also be an awesome tool for golfers.

Here are a few reasons we can’t wait to get an  Apple Watch out on the golf course:

1. Apps on your wrist
Your favorite apps will be available right on your wrist. Whether it’s an app that pairs with a golf gadget such as a swing analyzer or an Apple app such as weather or an alarm, you’ll have all of the tools you need for a great day of golf right on your wrist.

See a storm in the distance while playing? Need to know exactly how far your shot was? You won’t have to fumble around your bag or pocket anymore looking for your phone. Your hands will be free, and an amazing app homepage will be available right on your wrist.

2. Fitness tracker
This is probably our favorite part of the Apple Watch announcement. The watch will serve as a full fitness tracker with its Activity App. It features three different “rings” that will help you get moving!

The Move ring shows how many calories you’ve burned, the Exercise ring shows how much activity you’ve done and the Stand ring shows you how often you’ve gotten up from sitting.

At, we’re about golf, but we’re also about fitness and a healthier lifestyle. This app will inspire you to get moving, (and hey, it’s a perfect excuse to get out there and golf, am I right?)

3. Workout App
Like I said, we’re about fitness and improving our overall health. This watch features a full Workout App that looks amazing. You can create goals, unlock achievements and set notifications for your workout.

It measures your time, distance, calories and pace for various cardio activities, such as running, walking, cycling and more!

The watch tracks your activity over time, so you can see improvements, all of your daily activity and so much more.

4. Syncs with your iPhone
When you have a notification, such as a text or a news notification, you’ll feel it right on your wrist. The new watch will pair perfectly with your iPhone.

Say you get an alert about the Masters on your wrist. You can continue to read more about the tournament on your phone.

5. … It’s on your wrist!
OK, this goes without saying. But we’re so excited about the possibilities of having such an amazing gadget available to us while our hands are kept free. Getting notifications, the time, weather, photos, top apps and SO much more right on your wrists will revolutionize your golf game and your tech game!

Is it 2015 yet?

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