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GAME GOLF Digital Tracking System vs. Arccos Golf GPS + Real-Time Stat Tracking System

January 7, 2015 / Olivia Witherite

GAME GOLF Digital Tracking System vs. Arccos Golf GPS + Real-Time Stat Tracking System

GAME GOLF and Arccos are two of the top tracking systems available in the golf industry. While similar in style, comparatively, the two systems have many differences. Both have lightweight sensors that attach on the end of golfers' clubs and offer accurate feedback after a round. But beyond that, which gadget is best for you?

We break it down into various categories:


Arccos – If you have an Android device, you’re out of luck (for now). Currently Arccos only works with iPhones. The sensors pair with a free app.

GAME GOLF – GAME GOLF is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Like Arccos, GAME GOLF pairs the sensors with a free app, which is available on both the App Store and Google Play.


Game Golf Arccos

Arccos – The gadget uses Bluetooth technology to link its sensors to your iPhone. Once you’re synced up, you’re automatically ready to go. The sensors weigh less than 12 grams each, so you won’t even notice them on the end of your club.

GAME GOLF – GAME GOLF has the most lightweight sensors, which attach to the end of a club, on the market. They weigh in at just 1.5 grams each - You'll honestly never feel them! However, GAME GOLF requires you to tap a sensor to a wearable device that easily clips on your belt. Tap up, then go! That’s it.

See Data and Analysis

Arccos – The feature that’s the biggest difference-maker is that Arccos is also a fully functional GPS that operates through your phone. As soon as you swing, you’ll get comprehensive feedback on each shot right away that you can view on your iPhone.

Each shot you take is tracked on the app, so you’ll know important stats, such as average and longest drives, club use, greens hit and putts per hole right away.

Arccos’ app features all U.S. course maps, and for courses outside the U.S., Arccos will still provide you with data analysis on any course.

On its beautiful mobile app, you can view in-depth stats either during a round or after you’re finished. See your distance with each club, GiR percentage and more right on your iOS device.

Arccos Game Golf

Beyond just showing your stats, Arccos offers analysis of the numbers. Using its Tour Analytics Platform, you’ll receive analysis that shows you how every single shot you’ve taken has affected your game.

GAME GOLF – GAME GOLF also offers comprehensive data, but it only does so after the round. Once you’re finished golfing, you’ll see everything you did on the course on the app. See your fairway accuracy, putts per hole, GIR and more! The detailed statistics and trends can be viewed online on a map interface, so that you know how to improve your game.

You can also view scorecards, stat graphs and charts, which are automatically generated as you play or upload games.


Arccos – The detailed analysis and stats will completely transform your game. All of the numbers go right to your phone and are available on the beautifully designed mobile app.

Also, as you play, Arccos calculates your bag and gives you suggestions to immediately help you improve.

GAME GOLF – With its comprehensive analysis, you can compare your current game and statistics to old ones. The platform showcases trends and helps educate you on how to improve you game. If it’s an overall adjustment or just a precise tweak, you’ll be educated on how to become a better golfer.


Arccos - $399.99

GAME GOLF - $199.99

Still not sure which is the best for you? Check out videos, pictures and more of each: Arccos and GAME GOLF