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​GAME GOLF launches free app with real-time game tracker and rangefinder for iOS and Android devices

April 16, 2015 / Olivia Witherite

​GAME GOLF launches free app with real-time game tracker and rangefinder for iOS and Android devices

GAME GOLF, the first wearable device that tracks and displays a golfer’s round, announced its new GAME GOLF Tracking App on April 15, 2015. The free app allows golfers to track their game in real-time using GPS rangefinder technology, and is available for iOS and Android devices.

"If you don't truly understand your game it's hard to improve. The free GAME GOLF Tracking App allows golfers to see their shot performance in real-time, something which many amateur golfers will never have had access to before," said John McGuire, CEO of GAME GOLF. "Further, it affords everyone access to the GAME GOLF platform to gather stats, collect data and share their game with friends, family, coaches and instructors."

The app showcases an aerial view of each hole and distances to key locations with the GPS Rangefinder feature. Golfers will be able to see greens hit in regulations, fairway accuracy, scrambling percentage, putts per hole, club distances and much more.

No purchase of the GAME GOLF physical device is required to use the new app. However, if you're looking for the best experience on the course, pair it with GAME GOLF for the full experience.

While GAME GOLF is a truly innovative product, it is one of the more cost-effective products on the market, currently just  $199.99 at The new, real-time app joins the impressive amount of features already available through GAME GOLF and

Simply “tag” each club to your GAME GOLF device, and then go! GAME GOLF comes with 18 unique tags for your clubs. Golfers attach the tags to their clubs, and then tag them to their wearable device before taking your shot. That’s it.

GAME GOLF’s technology will record what clubs you use and where you use them. While it requires little effort on your part, you’ll be given a full report on each club, which will take your game to the next level!

For more information or to see GAME GOLF in action, check out our  GAME GOLF page. Still have questions? Tweet us @PlayBetter, shoot us an email or give us a call at (888)-738-5527.