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Garmin Approach S60 Golf GPS Watch - An In-Depth Look

June 26, 2017 / Team PlayBetter

Garmin Approach S60 Golf GPS Watch - An In-Depth Look

We’ve seen a recent trend of companies taking significant steps to improve their fitness and activity trackers, particularly when it comes to watches.

Yet with each new edition and series of upgrades, the golf features seem to take a back seat. Sure, they’re still available on the watch, but golf fanatics haven’t had a device that puts golf No. 1 for quite a while – until now.

Introducing the  Garmin Approach S60: the new GPS golf watch that packs all of the little extras like smartphone notifications and health statistics, but puts golf tracking and assistance at the forefront, all on a sleek, beautifully-designed wrist watch. Simply put, this is the best golf watch we’ve ever seen. Why do we love it so much? Let’s dive into it …

Vivid Display

The S60 boasts an incredible 1.2’’ color display that’s not only sunlight-readable, but is touchscreen as well, making “button mashing” a thing of the past. Using the S60, users can pull up precise locations of a particular pin, fairway or hazard, all at the touch or swipe of their fingers along the device.

Smartest Among the Smart

There are plenty of GPS watches on the market that allow the user to read exact distances to each location along a particular course. But with the S60, Garmin takes things one step further. Rather than simply calculating and presenting the distance measurement to a given point, the S60 uses PlaysLike Distance, which factors in any additional yardage needed for uphill or downhill shots (aka slope-adjusted readings). That means a more realistic distance reading and more confidence when selecting which club to use.

And speaking of reading distances, the user can simply touch any point on the map – whether it’s a fairway, sand trap or the pin itself – and the S60 will immediately provide the distance to that point. Gone are the days of having to reset to a given point in order to obtain distances to different areas.

A Second Set of Eyes

While on the course, the S60 also uses Green View, which lets users see a green’s true shape. What does that mean? Instead of just being told the distance or given a visual reading of the hole that’s little more than a pixelated picture, the S60 puts its huge display to good use, providing the user with an incredibly detailed view of each green. Want even more realism? Simply drag and drop the pin into the correct location for that day to get even greater accuracy. And with PinPointer, the S60 even tells the user the direction of a pin if they’re stuck in a tricky or blind situation – hey it happens to the best of us, right?

Switching to the ‘metrics’ system

The S60 is a great device on its own, but what truly makes it so versatile is its ability to be paired with other devices to help improve a user’s game. By pairing the S60 with the Garmin TruSwing analyzer, users will get detailed feedback on their entire performance, including swing training, swing speed and club path angels. This means greater consistency with each swing and more confidence on the course.

Golf first – but certainly not all

While the S60 is the most complete golf tracking device out there, that doesn’t mean that’s all it can do. By syncing the device to a compatible smartphone, users get notifications and other alerts sent right to the watch. Answer an email, check the time, or even schedule an UBER, all without having to even pick up the phone. Of course, there are plenty of activity-tracking features, too, such as a move bar, vibration alerts and monitors for calories and steps.

And by using the new Garmin Golf App (get the insight on everything app-related), users can compete against friends and other golfers on one of several virtual leaderboards. They can also download custom watch faces, apps and widgets from the Connect IQ store, letting each user customize the S60 to their personality. And if that weren’t enough, the S60 boasts Quick Fit bands, allowing users to change the style of their watch without the hassle of any tools.

Keep going, and going and going

With a watch as jam packed with features as the S60, a lot of people might be wondering about the battery life, which brings us to one of the key selling features. The S60’s battery is one of the best in any GPS watch in a long time. On a full charge, the S60 will keep up to 10 hours of battery life while golfing, and up to 10 days in straight watch mode.

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