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Garmin fenix 5 vs fenix 5 Plus Comparison - What’s New? | PlayBetter

June 18, 2018 / Team PlayBetter

Garmin fenix 5 vs fenix 5 Plus Comparison - What’s New? | PlayBetter

Interested in when the new Garmin fenix 5/5S/5X Plus watches are going to be shipping? We're keeping you updated here.

Garmin just announced the release of the fenix 5/5S/5X Plus series of multi-sport watches; an updated model of their hugely popular fenix 5 series. There's several main differences when compared to the previously released models, so let's compare:

1.) Maps & Navigation

The big advance for all fenix 5 Plus Series models is that every watch now features built-in mapping and navigation (previously on the the fenix 5X Sapphire offered maps). Beautiful full-color TOPO maps are pre-loaded onto each device to provide easy at-a-glance navigation wherever you are. It also now features Trendline popularity which allows runners and cyclists to find the most popular routes in their area!

Check out the  fenix 5S Plus Sapphire with the new maps feature:

2.) Fresh Look, New Bands & New Colors

While the general look and feel of the watches - bold & substantial yet stylish - has stayed consistent, Garmin has made a few tweaks to the design that we find refreshing. Check out the difference between the fenix 5S Sapphire Rose Gold (left) and the new fenix 5S Plus Sapphire Rose Gold (right):

The Quickfit Band looks to have been upgraded as has the bezel around the sapphire lens. We've found this consistent with the other colors that has been translated to the upgraded version.

There are also a couple brand new colors for customers to choose from including Titanium/Spark Orange (below) in the fenix 5 Plus line:

Garmin fenix 5 Plus Sapphire - Solar Flare Orange

3.) PulseOx & ClimbPro (fenix 5X Plus only)

This might be our favorite new feature on any of the new watches (but perhaps I'm biased because of my proximity to mountains...). PulseOx tracks the hemoglobin in your blood (seemingly via magic) and provides metrics on how well you are acclimating to high altitudes! So you'll be able to tell if you need to cool the jets or if you can push even harder!

This has to be the last ridge right? Said every hiker ever. ClimbPro provides a full incline map of whatever hike you happen to be on so you'll always be aware of just how many more ridges you have to go. Check out the screenshot here:

4.) Music & 50% Off Skullcandy

All watches in the fenix 5 Plus Series feature the ability to store music directly on your wrist. Up to 500 songs can be downloaded directly from your computer or select service (only iHeartRadio currently, unfortunately no word on when Spotify or Amazon Music will be added) and then stream via Bluetooth headphones. You'll also get 50% off Skullcandy Method bluetooth headphones when you purchase a fenix 5 Plus Series watch!

Here's the  fenix 5 Plus Silver/Black (Non-Sapphire) displaying it's music functionality:

5.) Garmin Pay

Hook your credit card up to Garmin Pay and breeze through checkout lines! All fenix 5 Plus Series models are equipped with this new functionality so you can leave your cash and wallet at home.

Here's the fenix 5 Plus Sapphire (Black/Black Band) with it's Garmin Pay function displaying:

6.) Multinetwork Navigation (GPS, GLONASS + Galileo)

The fenix 5 Plus Series provides unmatched GPS connectivity by using multiple tracking networks (GPS, GLONASS & Galileo) to determine the users position. Once you're connected, you can be assured you won't find more accurate activity tracking in any other device.