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​Get Happy: Fine-tune your putter with the innovative, adjustable Happy Putter

March 26, 2015 / Olivia Witherite

​Get Happy: Fine-tune your putter with the innovative, adjustable Happy Putter

Are you fully happy with your short game? Er, you don’t have to answer that. Well, with the new Happy Putter, you can constantly work on tweaking your game and approach to have the best possible day on the course.

Have you been pulling putts? Are you trying out a new stance? Playing an especially quick green? While you’re tweaking your short game, the adjustable Happy Putter will be there every step of the way.

Named to the 2015 Golf Digest Hot List, the innovative putter from Brainstorm Golf adjusts to fit both left- and right-handed playing positions! But it doesn’t stop there.

The Happy Putter – which is available in either a mallet or blade version – includes three lofts, three lie positions, three offset positions and six weights!

The brains behind the Happy Putter are Dave Cooper and Vikash Sanyal, who combined their years of experience with brands including Odyssey Golf, Never Compromise, Titleist and Cobra. They have developed a strong team to bring cutting-edge technologies to golfers of all levels.

The founders’ years of experience are obvious from the second you test out a Happy Putter. Currently selling for $279.99, the putter is a great value because it is almost like having multiple putters at once.

Unlike TOUR players, you don’t have someone following you around to tweak your putter. The Happy Putter helps you adjust and create the perfect putter for you.

Here are all of the positions you can adjust:

  • Handedness: You can change the putter to work for lefties or righties.
  • Weight: Six weights are available, including Light (3g), Standard (6g) and Heavy (15g).
  • Lie Positions: Three lie positions are included, including Flat (68 degrees), Standard (71 degrees), and Up (74 degrees).
  • Lofts: The putter comes with three lofts – Low (1 degree), Standard (3.5 degrees), and High (6 degrees).
  • Offset Positions: There are three positions available - zero shaft, half shaft, and full shaft.

The putter is made of top-line aluminum. Its aluminum face is pressed against a polyurethane loft shim, which helps provide feedback to optimize distance control. The Happy Putter also comes with a wrench you’ll need to make the modifications to your club, a headcover and a pouch.

We hope you’ve convinced you of the club’s effectiveness. Now, check it out in action in the video below.

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