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Get Loose, Get Fit, Get Golf Ready

March 19, 2014 / Spiro Alafassos

Get Loose, Get Fit, Get Golf Ready

Sandra Gal SuperFlex Resistance Bands

For the past few months, we've spotlighted new devices that have blessed our game with high tech gadget goodness. 

Groundbreaking devices like the SWINGSMART, SWINGBYTE, and SKYPRO have changed the way amateurs learn the game and on-course tools from GARMIN and BUSHNELL have given us the confidence to execute shots like never before.  

However, while the merging of tech and golf means a better understanding of our swing and a fairly clear path to improvement, we still have to prepare the body to make those swings.

Today, we'll cover some unique items that are fun to use and provide an endless list of benefits that begin the second you start using them.

Work out the kinks while improving flexibility, balance, and core strength with the ORANGE WHIP SWING TRAINER.

Another great way to prepare the body for spring is to use golf specific training products from GOLFGYM (Balance balls and Resistance Trainers) and SUPERFLEX BANDS, who features a complete golf centric resistance band training program that can go with you wherever you go. 

And finally, there's no better way to get your touch back than by actually hitting balls. Snow on the ground? No problem if you have one of Callaway Golf's unique TRI-BALL GOLF NETS set up in your basement, garage, or back yard.

Featuring the latest in training aid technology and time-tested golf classics, caters to all skill levels and prides itself on providing world-class customer service. Our 60-Day No Questions Asked Return Policy is the industry's gold standard and ensures that golfers don't get stuck with products that aren't right for them.

Until next time... Hit 'em well!