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Golf Buddy steps up their game with the new WTX Golf Smartwatch

February 24, 2017 / Team PlayBetter

Golf Buddy steps up their game with the new WTX Golf Smartwatch

Since our inception, Golf Buddy GPS units have been a staple of our offering. Simple and dependable has been the creed by which most of their well-known devices including the Voice 2WT5CT2 were created, something which has obviously resonated with the thousands of golfers who purchase these products each year.

And while most of their 2017 line stays true to this tried-and-true ideology, Golf Buddy has decided to step outside of their comfort zone and introduce a product that is very different from anything they've tried before.

Enter the Golf Buddy WTX Golf Smartwatch (retail: $179.99).

The first thing that strikes you is the massive, gorgeous full-color touchscreen (!) display which is a drastic departure from the conservative black/white screen on other Golf Buddy watches. Check out these photos (taken at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, FL):

Then come the WTX's features which include: 

  • Dynamic Green View - an underrated feature exclusive to Golf Buddy products which actually turns the green view on your device to match the angle you're looking at the green. That way you get distances to the F/M/B from where you're actually standing, rather than from the middle of the fairway (where most GPS watches measure from...and let's be honest, it's not where you hit your drive).
  • Touchscreen Display - very easy-to-use, responsive touchscreen display (no messing around with side buttons)
  • Smartphone Notifications - connect to your smartphone and read notifications right on your wrist
  • Full Course Maps (& Free Updates) for 40,000 Worldwide Courses - pretty standard these days plus automatic (free) course updates when you connect via bluetooth to the Golf Buddy smartphone app.
  • Distances to Dog Legs/Hazards etc - also pretty standard but still a nice feature
  • Pin Placement - move the pin around with a simple touch

The WTX Smartwatch will also give users the ability to switch out wristbands to better fit their own style - check out this leather band:

We're very interested to see how this watch stands up through its first few months on the market ( release is set for April 1 - but you can pre-order now) - as we think it has potential. The test with the WTX will be if Golf Buddy can shed the 'simple' tag while retaining the 'dependable' one.

If it's able to, the relatively low price point of $179.99 could make this a very appealing watch for golfers this season.

We'll provide an update once we've been able to properly test the watch.