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Golf Simulator Price Comparison - Ultimate Guide

August 20, 2018 / PlayBetter Team

Golf Simulator Price Comparison - Ultimate Guide

Have you ever thought about having your own golf simulator at home? For some, this may feel like a pipe dream, as these devices are often though of as high-tech and expensive. In the case of some models, that’s true. But there are models available on the market that cover a wide range of prices—from budget models all the way up to high-performance options with all the bells and whistles. To help you find the best system for your needs, here’s the ultimate golf simulator price comparison guide.

What You’ll Get From This Article

With this article, we are going to aim to make some sense out of the golf simulator market. If you already know your budget for this purchase, reviewing this article will help you understand what is available in your price range and what you will get for your money. If you’re just starting your research, this golf simulator price guide can help you to quickly find the right device for you. Let’s get started!

The Advantages of Owning a Golf Simulator

Before taking a look at prices and specific models, we want to take a moment to highlight what it is that makes a home golf simulator so attractive. Here are just a few benefits of these systems:

  • Practice at home. Don’t have enough time to get to the driving range regularly but still want to work on your game? No problem. With a golf simulator in your home, you can get in some swings anytime you want.
  • Golf in the off-season. If you live in a place where golf is not an option during the winter months, you can get your fix through the use of a simulator. Playing a round of golf on a simulator might not be the same as actually being out on the fairway, but it certainly is better than not playing at all! Plus, with high-tech models, you may find yourself totally in the zone, as if you were out at the course.
  • Have some fun. There is plenty to like about simulators from a practice and performance standpoint. But don’t forget that they can simply provide you with a way to have some fun. Whether you invite friends over for a competition or just play to beat your best score, plenty of enjoyment can be gained from these devices.

Whether you are motivated by the points above or something else entirely, owning your own golf simulator is sure to be a rewarding experience.

A Wide Price Range

When you head out to purchase a car, you are going to encounter a wide range of prices. While every car accomplishes the same basic goal, they all offer different features and benefits to consider. The idea is the same with a golf simulator price comparison—except the price disparity is even greater. In this market, you can pick up a basic simulator for as little as $300, or you can spend tens of thousands of dollars constructing a custom setup in your house.

Budget Golf Simulators (Under $1,000)

Here are three top picks in the budget price range, which we’re setting at under $1,000. These systems will allow you to get up and running with a full simulation experience, even if you’re on a tight budget. Note, however, that at this price range, you may sacrifice accuracy, certain measurement statistics and other key features that can only be found in higher end models. But if you’re looking for just a minimum set up that will get the job done, then these models are for you.

Top Budget Pick: the Optishot 2 Golf Simulator, available at PlayBetter, is a solid option for those looking for a budget golf simulator. This item sells for around $300, and it offers the basic features you need to enjoy the at-home golf experience. The Optishot uses 48MHz infrared sensors to track your swing, and it works with every club in the bag. There are also beautiful courses available to play through the use of the simulator, and you can even compete online (monthly fee required). Another neat feature of the Optishot is that you can use a foam ball instead of a hard ball. This can help you to save money on things like a net or high impact screen.

Mid-Price, High Performance ($1,000-$9,000)

If you’re looking for a great quality golf simulator without spending a ton of money, these devices are for you. They offer a step up in terms of accuracy and features from the budget models, and many measurements are virtually on par with some of the higher end models. The options in this range also make use of higher quality materials, so you can rest easy knowing you’re investing in a piece of equipment that’s made to last.

Top Mid-Range Pick: The Skytrak Golf Launch Monitor & Simulator is our top pick in the mid price range category. Here, you are going to spend around $2,000 to purchase the product. You can expect a boost in accuracy as a result of your investment, and you’ll enjoy the impressive software that allows for a more realistic simulation of the on-course experience. Those who are particularly focused on improving their level of play will appreciate the availability of Game Improvement Software, available with a subscription. SkyTrak offers many features of higher end models at a relatively low price tag.

See our SkyTrak review for a more in-depth look!

High End Simulators ($10,000+)

This is a hefty price tag for most. Let’s call them our dream golf simulators. It’s worth taking a look and seeing what’s available, even if these are beyond your budget. You may see some features that will come down in price—or even find that many of these features are included in a lower priced model. Of course, at these price points, these systems are really the cream of the crop in terms of accuracy, measurement points, and software quality. The truth is, it’s easy to go wild with these systems, creating highly immersive simulation experiences. The sky is really the limit.

  • TruGolf Vista - $12,995.00
  • Full Swing Golf - $19,900.00
  • HD Golf - $35,000.00

If you are willing to invest a significant amount of money in a home golf simulator, you can easily spend $10 - $20k (or more) on the technology side of the equation. That’s a big investment, to be sure, but it is one that can reward you with a commercial-grade experience in your own home. These are the kinds of devices that would be found in the homes of some of the top golfers in the world.

Best Value Golf Simulator

Of all the devices mentioned in our golf simulator price comparison guide, our top pick in terms of features, quality and value is the SkyTrak Golf Launch Monitor & Simulator . At the low mid-range price point, this system simply offers an amazing range of features. For golfers looking to enjoy a fantastic simulation experience without going overboard on costs, this is really one of the best systems out there.

Check out our SkyTrak review for a closer look, or order yours today with free 2-day shipping & 60 day returns.

Other Important Pricing Considerations

As we talk about how much golf simulators cost, it is important to understand that these prices are often covering the purchase of the simulator itself. That’s a start, but it is not the end of your needs. You may need a few other items before your setup will be complete:

  • A golf hitting mat. You’ll need to have a golf hitting mat in place in order to strike your shots in front of the simulator. Quite obviously, simply dropping the golf ball on your basement carpet and swinging away is not going to be an effective solution.
  • Projector and impact screen. This is a big piece of the puzzle. You will need a projector to display the image out in front of you, in order to create a life-like golf experience. You’ll also need an impact screen, which is a piece of material that can stop your shots while also displaying what is being sent out of the projector. The Net Return Golf Simulator Projector Screen is a budget model at $249, and the Homecourse Pro Retractable Golf Impact Screen is a higher end model at $1,999.99.
  • A suitable space. Beyond buying various pieces of equipment, you may need to do some construction or renovation in order to create a space that will work for your simulator. You’ll need room to swing your longest club (the driver), and you will want it to be comfortable as well. Home simulator spaces range from basic and functional to downright luxurious.

Consider Ordering Bundles To Save Money

Even if you’re not really on a budget, it never hurts to save money. Getting everything you need for your golf simulator setup in a bundle can be a great way to save. Check out some great bundles here at PlayBetter:

Final Thoughts

We hope this golf simulator comparison guide is helpful! Once your simulator is in place and you are using it regularly, you’ll likely wonder what took so long to make the leap. Having the opportunity to hit shots without leaving your home is a great advantage over golfers who need to visit the range to fit in some practice. By shopping for golf simulators at PlayBetter, you’ll be able to pick from a selection of high-quality devices. We offer Free 2-Day Shipping and 60-Day Returns