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Having trouble connecting your SkyTrak to the internet? Here's some tips

June 27, 2017 / Team PlayBetter

Having trouble connecting your SkyTrak to the internet? Here's some tips

So, you’ve purchased a SkyTrak system. Awesome!

Now if only you knew what to do next.

It’s a pitfall a lot of us run into with the latest and greatest in technology, but thankfully with the SkyTrak simulator, we’re here to help.

Before you even turn on your SkyTrak system!

Be sure you have a strong internet connection and you’ve downloaded both the World Golf Tour and SkyTrak applications from the App Store onto your smartphone. These apps are crucial components to the simulator and you can’t really go any further without these guys.

After the apps are installed, go ahead and switch on the SkyTrak device and (using the SkyTrak app), set the device in Network Mode. Once completed, you can exit and “kill” the SkyTrak app for the time being.

^^^Why is this important? You need to make sure that either the SkyTrak or WGT app are open, but not both at the same time. Weird, we know.

Next, open the WGT app and select the “new to WGT” option to create a UserName. The WGT app should recognize that you’ve already set up/installed the SkyTrak app and from there you’ll head to SkyTrak’s main interface. Here you’ll find the main menu, settings, course options and the ability to get to golfin’.

But guys, I’m having issues. What’s the deal?

Just like you, we don’t care much for issues, so check out a couple of things first:

  • If you have a weak signal strength from your router, simply move closer to it. Internet strength is key to getting the most out of the SkyTrak system
  • Be sure your username/password info has been entered correctly. Trust us, it happens more often than you’d think

Need more info on troubleshooting? Check out the official SkyTrak PDF manual here( or some options on how to get on track (