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Let's Compare the Leupold Golf Rangefinders - 5i3, 2i3, 1i3, 4i2 & 3i2

June 27, 2017 / Team PlayBetter

Let's Compare the Leupold Golf Rangefinders - 5i3, 2i3, 1i3, 4i2 & 3i2

Leupold GX-1i3

If you’re new to using rangefinders, or simply need a rangefinder that won’t break the bank, the GX-1i3 is the perfect choice.

Using Digitally eNhanced Accuracy, the GX-1i3 provides precise readings every time and features a Quick Set Menu, making the device incredibly easy to use right out of the box. And unlike other rangefinders, the GX-1i3 has Fog Mode, meaning less than ideal weather won’t get in the way of you or your rangefinder.

Look, sometimes human error gets in the way, particularly when we’re trying to hold something still in our hands. But the GX-1i3 also boasts PinHunter 2 Laser Technology and Prism Lock. This means when your device locks onto its target, you can trust the device has found it, and that means more confidence with every shot.

And while the GX-1i3 is less than $300, it sure doesn’t feel like it. This rangefinder is beautifully crafted with precision glass and a scratch-resistant and waterproof frame, helping you to protect your investment for years to come.

Leupold GX-2i3

What’s different than the GX-1i3?

  • -PinHunter 3 Laser Technology
  • -Club Selector function
  • -True Golf Range (Slope)
  • -Redesign

One of the best features of the GX-2i3 is a beautifully new redesign. With its new look, the GX-2i3 is sleek, compact and fits perfectly in your hand. Of course, in addition to its stunning outside, the GX-2i3 delivers on the inside, too.

Let’s start with True Golf Range. The GX-2i3 allows you to activate slope readings (when not being used in tournament play), which takes into account line-of-sight distance, incline/decline factors, and even the current temperature, resulting in even more accurate readings on the course.

With Club Selector, you can actually receive recommendations from the rangefinder on certain shots. Over time, the GX-2i3 learns your strengths and weighs atmospheric conditions to become a device that actually works with you to improve your game.

The GX-2i3 also features 6x magnification with PinHunter 3 Laser Technology, Fog Mode, Prism Lock and a waterproof design, giving you a lot of bang for very little buck.

Leupold GX-3i2

What’s different than the GX-2i3?

  • -GX Prism Lock Technology
  • -Vivid LED display vs. LCD display

For those interested in a rangefinder that’s legal in tournament play, the GX-3i2 delivers amazing quality from such a small device. The GX-3i2 is Leupold’s successor to the GX-3i and there are plenty of new features to get excited about.

First off, the GX-3i2 boasts GX Prism Lock Technology. Just like Leupold’s other rangefinders, this model helps combat human error when searching for a target to securely and confidently lock on. But on the GX-3i2, you’ll get an audible tone the second the device is locked on, eliminating all doubt of whether the device has picked up its target, leaving you more confident which club to select.

It also features a brilliant LED Display, making it a treat to read the measurements provided. And with Scan Mode, holding down the Power button means the GX-3i2 will give you multiple line-of-site measurements, helping ensure a more precise reading on your actual target.

The GX-3i2 comes with PinHunter2 Technology, Digitally eNhanced Accuracy and Fog Mode, all in a sleek, compact design that’s easy to hold and use every day.

Leupold GX-4i2

What’s different than the GX-3i2?

  • -Dual faceplates allowing for True Golf Range and Club Selector

With the addition of a Smart Key faceplate, the GX-4i2 takes all of the features of the gx-3i2 and kicks it up a notch.

Of course, with the GX-4i2, you’ll get precise readings of up to 1/10 th of a yard with Digitally eNhanced Accuracy and PinHunter2 with Prism Lock Technology helps cut out background distractions to give you clear, viewable readings on the pin.

Holding down the Power button activates Scan Mode, which tells the display to continuously update with multiple line-of-sight measurements, providing you with multiple readings to ensure confidence with every shot. And the latest in optical technology combines precision glass for a bright, vivid display in any weather.

But with the new Smart Key faceplate, the GX-4i2 allows you to activate True Golf Range. This measures line-of-sight distance as well as any elevation, a factor which makes a considerable difference when determining how far to hit the ball. And with Club Selector, you can set the GX-4i2 to your individual hitting strength. Simply input your distance for your 8, 6 and 4 irons, respectively, and the GX-4i2 will begin recommending the appropriate club based on your strength. Just remember, neither True Golf Range nor Club Selector are legal for tournament play, but with the swap of the faceplate, you’re tournament ready in a flash.

Leupold GX-5i3

What’s different than the GX-4i2?

  • -True Golf Range and Club Selector features without multiple faceplates
  • -Readings based on weather conditions and course altitude
  • -PinHunter 3 Technology

If you’re looking for the best rangefinder Leupold has to offer, the GX-5i3 is absolutely the top choice. This model does everything you’d expect from a rangefinder and then some.

It boasts 6x magnification, PinHunter 3 Laser Technology with Prism Lock as well as Fog Mode and one-touch Scan Mode. And just like the GX-4i2, it uses Digitally eNhanced Accuracy to give you precise readings, along with options for True Golf Range and Club Selector. But unlike any other model, the GX-5i3 allows you to turn off both TGR and Club Selector without the hassle of removing or switching any faceplates. You can toggle back and forth right on the device itself.

But maybe the best part about the GX-5i3? It just feels like a beautifully crafted rangefinder. Of course it’s durable and waterproof with a multi-coated lens system and fold down rubber eyecaps, but the GX-5i3 goes beyond that to let you know you’re holding the best rangefinder on the market. Leupold calls this model the “all-in-one” and it doesn’t take long to see how appropriate it is.