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PIQ Golf - the All-In-One GPS/Swing Analyzer/Game Tracker: Q&A with Cedric Mangaud, Founder & CEO

September 21, 2016 / Team PlayBetter

PIQ Golf - the All-In-One GPS/Swing Analyzer/Game Tracker: Q&A with Cedric Mangaud, Founder & CEO

PIQ Golf

For the past several years, GPS units, swing analyzers and game trackers have been among the hottest products in the golf technology sector. And as they've continued to evolve, we started to wonder - who is going to combine these technologies into one unit? Turned out the answer lay across the pond in France where Cedric Mangaud and his company, PIQ, has developed the first unit of its kind - PIQ Golf.

Cedric was kind enough to answer a few of our questions about PIQ and how his team developed this revolutionary product.


How did PIQ get started? 

At PIQ, we're a happy bunch of sports lovers with one single goal in mind. Our sole drive, from dawn to dusk, is to make your next sport session more exciting! We deeply believe that sports have shaped who we are today as persons and we want to share that passion with as many people as possible. Our own collective experience has also shown us how sports should be all about fun. Yes, we value performance in its sheer form but we also think everyday sports should be funnier than they usually are. That is why we've embarked on that journey to design trackers and apps that will allow our users to play sports like they never have: getting real-time info on how they play, sharing that info with friends, and challenging these same friends, all of that in good fun.

What exactly does PIQ Golf do? 

Mobitee and PIQ is the ultimate golf tracker that gives you real-time information on your game. In this tiny device, we've fitted a range finder, a swing analyzer, and a shot-tracking system - all paired with a mobile app by the leader in golf apps so you can make sense of the data and understand your game instantly!

Why has no one combined this technology into one unit before? 

Because no one was able to do it. Thanks to the partnership between Mobitee and PIQ, the product is a combination between the most complete mobile golf app and the most advanced sensor.

How is PIQ different from other similar products on the market?

It is the only golf-connected product to provide at the same time GPS remaining distances + Shot tracking + Swing Analysis (on the course and at the range). On the glove and not on the wrist, with a LED display, it is much more efficient than all GPS watches.

Where do you see the golf technology industry going? Do you think every club will eventually be fitted with one? 

The golf technology industry is moving fast. More and more people want to know, remember, improve, share, and challenge their performances. They are also good tools to build a golf connected community.

What does the rest of 2016 hold for PIQ? Anything new in 2017? 

A new sport is coming soon but we keep it a surprise! Stay tuned on

PIQ Golf is available on for $269 with Free Shipping and 60-Day Buy & Try Returns!

PIQ Golf - Swing Analysis

PIQ Golf - Golf GPS

PIQ Golf - Golf GPS