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March 11, 2015 / Olivia Witherite

Interested in testing our new, top golf gadgets and fitness products? Would you like to see your blog posts or social media promoted? Apply to be a brand ambassador today!

Ambassadors' mission is to:
1. Showcase PlayBetter's top training aids, golf gadgets and fitness products.
2. Inspire those around them to elevate their games.

Once chosen for the program, ambassadors will receive a product at no cost to test and showcase on their blog/social media (as determined before the program begins). All posts must contain links, mentions or URLs that lead to PlayBetter's social media accounts and/or The products will be the ambassadors to keep, unless otherwise outlined upon agreed terms.

Ambassadors are expected to post upon agreed terms and to agreed-upon outlets twice a month. Any writing, pictures or other media must be up to par with the ambassadors' normal blog/social media quality.  

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