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SkyTrak Golf Launch Monitor Review

August 8, 2018 / Team PlayBetter

SkyTrak Golf Launch Monitor Review

For the average golfer, it just isn’t realistic to own a launch monitor. They are too expensive and too technical for at-home use. Or are they? Don’t give up on owning one of these fantastic training devices just yet. Enjoying a personal launch monitor may be more realistic than you think. Read our SkyTrak golf launch monitor review, and see what all the hype’s about!

What Is The SkyTrak Launch Monitor?

Quite simply, SkyTrak is a personal launch monitor and simulator . If you’ve ever used the launch monitor at your local driving range or course, you already know that those are not meant for personal use. They are usually rather large, take some training in order to use properly, and are quite expensive.

The SkyTrak Golf Launch Monitor is none of those things. Instead, it’s a powerful, affordable device that’s optimized for personal, at-home use:

SkyTrak Launch Monitor

  • Small, Portable Size. First off, it is very small, at just seven inches tall and weighs less than two pounds.
  • Easy To Use. It is also easy to use, as it is meant for the average golfer, rather than a trained professional.
  • Sync With Your Devices. You can connect wirelessly to your PC or iPad, and you will be off and running in no time.
  • Accurate. SkyTrak offers highly accurate measurements across a range of data points.
  • Affordable. While everyone’s definition of affordable will be different, this is certainly a more cost-effective option than many commercial launch monitors on the market today. To get even more bang out of your buck, consider a SkyTrak Launch Monitor Bundle from PlayBetter.

All in all, this is a product that is very much worthy of consideration for any serious golfer. It’s the perfect pick for golfers who are looking to improve their game with a high quality device but are not quite ready to invest in a professional launch monitor.

Analyze Your Shots

When you use a launch monitor, you expect it to provide enough information for you to make informed decisions about changes that need to be made to your swing and/or equipment. As far as information is concerned, the SkyTrak golf launch monitor does not disappoint.

SkyTrak Data Points Measured

Carry/total distance Ball speed Launch angle Offline Yardage
Back spin Side Spin Side Angle Roll
Flight path Club head speed Angel of descent

How It Works

SkyTrak is a photometric device that uses high speed cameras to monitor a range of data points on the path of the ball after a swing. To collect data, the ball only needs to fly a few feet, making it possible to use the device indoors together with a quality golf net. After recording the path of the ball, SkyTrak then creates a three-dimensional flight model for you to analyze.

Due to the way this device works, some of the numbers you are provided will be directly measured, while others will be estimated based on the measurements.

Using SkyTrak Data

What will you do with all of this valuable information? Well, that is up to you. It could be used to pick out a new driver that is more suitable to the dynamics of your swing. Or it could be taken to a professional instructor to be used for guidance in an upcoming lesson. If you are constantly driven to improve in this game, as most golfers are, you will love the opportunities that the SkyTrak Launch Monitor and Simulator presents.

Built-In Training Improvement Features

Now that we’ve touched on some of the key features in our SkyTrak golf launch monitor review, let’s dive into some of the more advanced modes and features that can really help you take your game to the next level.

SkyTrak doesn’t leave you all alone when it comes to finding ways to improve your game. Far from it. In fact, there are features built into the system that are meant to help you make progress quickly and (relatively) easily.

Practice Range Mode

Practice Range Mode is exactly as it sounds. It’s a virtual practice range where you will be able to see the statistics related to each shot just moments after you have struck the ball. For the golfer who loves to dial in their swing as accurately as possible, the Practice Range included with SkyTrak is a wonderful companion.

Bag Mapping

Perhaps one of the most useful features of the SkyTrak system is called Bag Mapping. As a golfer, you need to know what you can expect from each of your clubs out on the course, so you can make accurate club selection decisions during your rounds. By using the Bag Mapping feature, you can prepare yourself for those club selection challenges well in advance. You will work through your whole bag in this mode, picking up valuable information on each of your clubs. Some of the pieces of data offered include:

  • Average carry distance for each club
  • Distance gaps between clubs
  • Shot shape tendencies
  • Side angle tendencies
  • Average shot dispersion

The Bag Mapping feature is a powerful tool. It’s one of the best ways to directly translate your work with the launch monitor into your game on the course.

Of Course, It’s A Lot Of Fun Too

So far, we’ve talked a lot about how the SkyTrak Launch Monitor can help make you a better player—and that’s true. But sometimes it’s all about having a little fun, right? That’s where SkyTrak Golf Simulation Packages come into the picture.

SkyTrak Golf Simulator

One of the best things about SkyTrak is that it integrates seamlessly with a number of simulation software systems. You can play a huge number of courses using your personal golf simulator—all without leaving home. It’s the perfect way to spend an evening with friends; unfortunately, beers aren’t included!

If you’ve ever had the chance to use a commercial golf simulator, you already know just how fun they can be. Playing on a simulator lets you take on some of the most famous holes in golf, without having to travel or pay lofty greens fees. You can enjoy playing simulated rounds of golf solo or have fun competing against your friends. There’s a good chance that the simulated rounds you play with your SkyTrak golf simulator will become one of your favorite parts of owning this device!

The Bottom Line

If it’s not clear yet what we think about this device from our SkyTrak golf launch monitor review, let us boil it down for you here:

The SkyTrak Launch Monitor is an impressive product that nearly any golfer will love.

The SkyTrak Golf Launch Monitor is, dollar-for-dollar, the absolute best home golf simulator you can buy. In the price range it's not even close. If you spent $10-20k on one of the 'higher-end' simulators, you'd be hard-pressed to pick out the differences in performance between the units. SkyTrak allows golfers realistic, real-time practice with instant, accurate feedback and is incredibly easy to use.

No matter what perspective you bring to this game, you can get something out of this innovative device:

  • For Data Junkies. If you are obsessed with data and want to break down every single part of your swing, the SkyTrak can help.
  • For Gadget Lovers. If you love tinkering with your equipment and need the numbers to back up your decisions, the SkyTrak can serve you in that way as well.
  • For The Love Of The Game. If you just like to enjoy the game for the fun it provides, the simulators are a great way to get your golf fix from the comfort of your home or when weather prevents making your normal tee time.

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