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SkyTrak vs. FlightScope – Which Is Right For You?

September 7, 2018 / Team PlayBetter

SkyTrak vs. FlightScope – Which Is Right For You?

A launch monitor is a device that can provide you with incredibly insightful data regarding virtually everything that takes place in your swing. With that data, you can make decisions on how to alter your technique and improve your game in no time. Once you start to shop for launch monitors, you’ll find that SkyTrak and FlightScope are two strong contenders. To help you pick between the two, here’s the Team PlayBetter guide on SkyTrak vs FlightScope.

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Both Feature Robust Launch Monitor Data

No matter which of these two devices you select, you’re sure to have access to all of the basic pieces of information that you’d expect. Both SkyTrak and FlightScope provide things like club speed, ball speed, carry distance, spin rate, club path, and much more. There will be plenty of data to keep you busy with your analysis, even after hitting just a handful of shots.

So, if they both collect similar data, they are pretty much the same, right? Certainly not. There are plenty of differences between these two, and it is those differences that will ultimately determine which one you select. One key difference is that the FlightScope measures club data.

Differing Monitoring Technology

Measurement is at the heart of what a launch monitor does when the club strikes the ball. Every launch monitor needs a way to accurately measure data before returning it to you in a format that you can understand.

  • SkyTrak. SkyTrak uses photometric technology to monitor your swing. In other words, a high-speed camera tracks the action and takes measurements along the way. This is an accurate method, and one that is used by many launch monitors.
  • FlightScope. FlightScope uses acombination of image and radar processing to take measurements. This technique lets FlightScope bring together the power of two different pieces of technology, potentially leading to more accurate results when all is said and done.

One important thing to note here is that the FlightScope’s radar-based system requires more space than the SkyTrak’s photometric system to see the ball launch. FlightScope requires a minimum of 16 ft for use. For this reason, those seeking an indoor golf launch monitor will be better served with the SkyTrak.

Simulation Vs Game Improvement

SkyTrak SimulationWhen comparing SkyTrak vs FlightScope, one key thing to consider is how much golf simulation you’d like to enjoy. SkyTrak has a broad range of simulation options available, while FlightScope is only compatible with E6Golf with a limited course library. Plus, as we mentioned earlier, setting up the FlightScope indoors for sim use can be a struggle, as the minimum space required is 16 ft, though some users have recommended a minimum of 23 feet.

  • FlightScope. Essentially, if you opt for a FlightScope launch monitor, you are deciding that tracking your performance and making improvements is your main focus. These are machines that are designed to provide highly accurate data sets, so you can tweak your play as necessary.
  • SkyTrak. SkyTrak also offers accurate data, but it includes a focus on fun, as well. The simulator side of this product means you can virtually play many of the famous golf courses around the world, compete with your friends, and more.

Price Is Certainly A Factor

Perhaps the biggest difference in the SkyTrak vs FlightScope comes down to price. With SkyTrak, you will be spending just $1,995 (at PlayBetter) . If you opted instead to buy a FlightScope X3, your investment would be several times larger—in the $15,000 range. Other FlightScope models will come in at a lower cost, but they are still significantly more expensive than SkyTrak. For more info on price comparisons, be sure to check out our golf launch monitor pricing guide!

Bottom Line

Which device is right for you? Here are our final thoughts:

  • FlightScope. If you are ready to make a large investment in your golf game and demand highly detailed, accurate information, you may want to consider one of the FlightScope models. These devices are also better for those who want to use their launch monitor primarily outdoors.
  • SkyTrak. For golfers with a smaller budget or who would prefer to use their launch monitor indoors, SkyTrak is a great pick. With plenty of data to offer and a full range of simulation options, there is great value to be found in this device. See our full SkyTrak review here !

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