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Jul 20th 2017 - What is the best SLOPE golf laser rangefinder?

by: Team PlayBetter on

If you’ve been in the market for a rangefinder recently, you’ve likely come across the terms “standard edition” and “slope edition.” If it was an article written by us at PlayBetter, you should’ve also seen a brief explanation between the two. But if you weren’t so l... read more is giving away a Bushnell Pro X2!

Mar 1st 2017 - is giving away a Bushnell Pro X2!

by: Team PlayBetter on

For our March giveaway, we've decided to go BIG and give one lucky golfer the brand new Bushnell Pro X2 (aka the new bad boy of golf rangefinders)! The winner will be chosen on Friday, March 31st (which, if you win, is just in time to brag to your friends befo... read more