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Garmin Edge 540 | New & Improved Features + a Solar Model

The 2023 Garmin Edge 540 | Everything
You Need to Know

Garmin Edge 540 Released!

The Garmin Edge 540 bike computer is available starting April 11, 2023.

Cyclists can now ride longer with a solar-charging option and get superior position accuracy, thanks to multi-band GNSS technology. The design on this cycling GPS features button controls that work in any environment or condition. Whether you're riding road, trail, gravel or indoor, you can benefit from numerous insights to help you understand your strengths and weaknesses, to prepare for upcoming races or personal milestones.

The Garmin Edge 540 price is $349.99 and $449.99 for the Edge 540 Solar.

What’s New on this Best Budget Bike Computer

  • NEW Solar Charging & Improved Battery Life: The Power Glass™ solar-charging lens on the solar model extends the Edge 540 battery life—up to 32 hours of demanding use or up to 60 hours in battery saver mode. Non-solar models get up to 26 hours of battery life in demanding use and up to 42 hours in battery saver mode.

  • NEW Multi-Band GNSS: Offers even more superior positioning with Garmin’s multi-band GNSS technology.

  • NEW Targeted Adaptive Coaching: View daily suggested workouts and training prompts on screen; get personalized coaching that adapts based on your current training load, recovery, and upcoming events.

  • NEW Power Guide: Manage your efforts with the power guide feature, which recommends power targets throughout a course when paired with your compatible power meter.

  • NEW Real-Time Stamina: Get stamina feature insights while you ride so you can keep an eye on how much longer you can really push it.

  • NEW Cycling Ability: Classify your strengths as a cyclist, and compare your cycling ability to the demands of a specific course so you can focus your training and improvement in the right areas.

  • NEW ClimbPro Ascent Planner: See remaining ascent and grade when climbing so you can gauge your effort with the ClimbPro ascent planner, now available on every ride—no course required; view on your Edge device and in the Garmin Connect™ app on your smartphone for ride planning.

  • IMPROVED Setup & Mapping: A streamlined interface for quick and easy access to the information, courses and tools you need. Updated ride type-specific maps highlight popular roads and trails plus searchable points of interest.

Garmin Edge Lineup Review

In the Edge series, the Edge 540 is the second in this bike computer lineup—going from most affordable to the highest-end. Other models include the Edge 130 Plus, Edge 840/840 Solar, and Edge 1040/1040 Solar. These devices offer a range of features that cater to different types of cyclists.

The Edge 130 Plus is a compact option that provides basic ride metrics and navigation capabilities.

The Edge 540/540 Solar is a mid-range device that offers advanced metrics and training features, as well as detailed navigation and mapping capabilities.

The Edge 840/840 Solar is designed for serious cyclists and provides enhanced performance metrics, compatibility with power meters, and the ability to create custom training plans. A touchscreen that allows you to tap, pan and swipe on the fly is what differentiates this model.

The Edge 1040 and 1040 Solar are top-of-the-line models that offer the most advanced features, including the largest touchscreen display in the lineup, advanced performance metrics, and the ability to control other devices such as lights and cameras.

Garmin Edge 530 vs 540

The 2023 Edge 540 has everything the previous Edge 530 does—plus all the new and enhanced features listed above. Both versions are sleek and compact bike computers that pack a punch in terms of technical features.

Enjoy a 2.6-inch color display that is easy to read even in bright sunlight and durable construction that can withstand the rigors of cycling.

One of the key technical features of the Edge 530/540 is the advanced performance metrics, including VO2 max, FTP, and training load.

You’ll also get advanced navigation capabilities, including turn-by-turn directions and alerts for upcoming sharp turns. This model in the Garmin Edge bike computer series can also connect to other devices such as heart rate monitors, power meters, and indoor trainers to provide even more data about your rides. Additionally, it features smart connectivity, including the ability to receive notifications from your phone and send messages to other riders with compatible devices.

The Edge 540 levels all of this up with multi-band GNSS, several new training tools, improved battery life, and—for the first time—a solar-charging version!

New Garmin Edge 540 vs 840

The Garmin Edge 540 and Edge 840 are both popular bike computers with advanced features for serious cyclists—and now they both offer solar-charging options, Garmin’s superior multi-GNSS positioning, exciting new training tools, and improved mapping, setup, and battery life.

These Garmin cycling GPS computers are the same in every way with one key difference: the Edge 840 offers a touchscreen along with button control. With this upper mid-range option in Garmin’s bike computer series, you’ll be able to tap, pan, and swipe on your ride.

This key difference, of course, is why the Edge 840 is $100 more in the non-solar or solar options than the 540.

Who Should Buy This Bike Computer

The Garmin Edge 540 bike computer is an excellent choice for anyone who takes their cycling seriously. Cyclists who are looking for a device that can track their ride metrics, monitor their training progress, and provide navigation capabilities will find the Garmin Edge 540 to be a valuable tool.

The device will be especially popular among competitive cyclists and those who enjoy long-distance rides, as it can track advanced metrics such as VO2 max and FTP, and provide detailed information about climbing, descending, and other aspects of the ride.

And now with the best GPS positioning technology, improved battery, and a solar-charging option, riders can get even more out of this Garmin cycling device.

In design, the Edge 540 is very similar to the Edge 530. For those who already own the previous model, the decision to upgrade will hinge on how appealing the solar-charging option is along with the new training tools.

As for first-time buyers … this best budget Garmin Edge bike computer is a no-brainer!

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