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Introducing the Bushnell Launch Pro personal golf launch monitor powered by Foresight Sports

Two Powerhouses of Golf Tech Partner to Bring You the Next Personal Launch Monitor  

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Bushnell Golf is entering the personal launch monitor space with the Launch Pro. And they're bringing the big dawgs of golf launch monitor technology with themā€”Foresight Sports. Think about it ... Who's had their golf laser rangefinders in the hands of pros at the PGA Championship? That would be Bushnell Golf. And whose GC Quad launch monitor is often seen with practicing PGA Tour professionals? You guessed it, Foresight's. So why are these two golf tech titans teaming up?

According to Bushnell Golf Director John DeCastro, "The partnership with Foresight Sports is all about bringing the right technology to the broader golf community. All who are passionate about the sport have come to learn that launch monitorsā€”particularly Foresight Sports launch monitorsā€”have become a core part of the game. Our partnership with the Foresight Sports team is about a shared, singular visionā€”to deliver breakthrough technology to heighten both enjoyment and player skill in the game of golf."

So basically, Bushnell Golf has the trusted, strong brand and Foresight Sports has the proven pro-grade golf launch monitor technology. This could be a scary-good relationshipā€”for the personal launch monitor segment and everyday golfers!

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The Launch Pro Personal Golf Launch Monitor

Bushnell Golf is not giving up too many details about this now much-anticipated golf launch monitor.

ā€œThe Bushnell Launch Pro will offer our core consumer access to the best technology in ball-striking measurement and analysis which will support our consumers in their pursuit of improvement,ā€ says Bushnell President Vishak Sankaran.

Exactly what does that mean for those of us who want to know the data parameters the Launch Pro will offer? So far, Bushnell Golf is mentioning clubhead speed, ball speed, launch angle, carry distance, spin rate and roll out. But if you look closely the one Launch Pro image they've released (see closeup image in this section) there's a parameter for side spin. Hmmm ...

If we had to guess about Launch Pro features ...

Again, at the time of this announcement article, the one image of the Launch Pro and the ball data parameters mentioned on the Bushnell Golf website are all we have to go on. But if we had to take a professional stab at a few more launch monitor features you might expect in the Launch Pro from Bushnell and Foresight ...

Rather than doppler-based, the Launch Pro will likely be a camera-based launch monitor. Why? Because that Foresight has a successful history of using photometric technology with their launch monitors, having 4 (quadrascopic) cameras in the GC Quad. So it's a safe bet the Bushnell Launch Pro personal launch monitor will be camera-based.

As far as data parameters, it's probably a good guess that after the Garmin R10 portable golf launch monitor brought club path metrics to the PLM space for average Joe golfers, Foresight is probably going to load the Launch Pro with the best of the GC Quad (or so we hope!), which includes:

  • Ball Launch Data (ball speed, launch angle, azimuth, total spin, spin-tilt axis)
  • Club Data (club speed, impact point, angle of attack, club path, delivered face angle, delivered lie angle, impact loft, closure rate)

Find out about this personal launch monitor in the Fall ...

According to Bushnell Golf, the Launch Pro golf launch monitor is coming in the fall, just in time for some indoor fun. Remember, this golf launch monitor is also a simulator!

The Bushnell Launch Pro as a Home Golf Simulator

While Bushnell Golf revealed that "Launch Pro also expands our offerings in the off-course, lifestyle inspired golf segment. Launch Pro users will have access to multiple course simulations to enhance their in-home or off-course playing experience." Beyond that there are no details about the golf simulator side of the Bushnell Launch Pro.

There's really no way of knowing what simulation software these two brands will offer ... Foresight has its own FSX software for simulation, which is very expensive when factored into the GC Quad and does not exactly seem on par with an everyday golfer budget.

That said, anything could happen! And along with you, we are curious about how the whole package is going to roll out.  

The Launch Pro portable golf launch monitor

The PlayBetter Bottom Line on the Bushnell Launch Pro

While Bushnell Golf announced in July that they have partnered with Foresight Sports to offer a pro-grade personal golf launch monitor for everyday golfers, don't expect to be able to get your hands on this exciting new PLM until the fall of 2021.

Currently, Bushnell is only teasing us with one image of the Launch Pro and a few details about the golf launch monitor side and pretty much none concerning the home golf simulator side. But in partnering with Foresight Sports, we anticipate one accurate marvel of a PLM oozing with data parameters for ball and club. Bushnell has revealed clubhead speed, ball speed, launch angle, carry distance, spin rate and roll out. But we have no way of knowing what the conclusive list of measurements is for certain.

We will keep you up to speed on the details as they are revealed to us. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter (in the footer below) and follow us on social media, to get the most up-do-date info!

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