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Bushnell Golf | The 2022 Golf GPS, Laser Rangefinder & Launch Monitor Collection

Get to know Bushnell Golf products in the PlayBetter collection.

We go over Bushnell rangefinders, launch monitors and GPS units like the Bushnell Wingman.

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Thinking about investing in a golf GPS watch or handheld, a launch monitor, or a laser rangefinder? Then you should get to know Bushnell Golf products. This brand has over 65 years as a leader in high-performance sports optics and golf gear, and it shows in their golf laser rangefinders and GPS units.

Bushnell Golf gadgets offer advanced slope technology, BITE magnetic technology, superior sport optics, actionable data, and a big fat stamp of approval from professional golfers who trust their precision.

In this overview, we get you up to date on our Bushnell Golf collection on the PlayBetter Golf Store and the 2022 Launch Pro launch monitor, unique golf GPS devices, and laser rangefinders available to you right now!  

Check out this Bushnell Wingman Golf GPS Speaker Unboxing and Review from our partner Gabe at Let’s Play Thru!

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The Bushnell Wingman Golf GPS Speaker

What if we told you that you could listen to your favorite music or podcast on the golf course through a high-quality speaker that you can magnetically stick to your golf cart AND you can get super accurate GPS distances to the center, front, and back of the green AND this speaker will announce those distances to you along with distances to hazards when paired to the ultra cool Bushnell App?

Well, you can do all of those things with the Bushnell Wingman Golf GPS Speaker. It’s super easy and fun to use with a detachable remote. The Bushnell App has color 3D flyover views of over 36,000 golf course maps and a scorecard as well. The BITE magnet mount technology that’s integrated into some of the latest Bushnell golf laser rangefinders as well, keeps the Wingman Speaker in reach, making it easy to stick it to your cart and go. (See it all in the Bushnell Wingman Review by Let's Play Thru above!)

What could possibly make a beautiful day on the golf course even better? The Bushnell Wingman speaker, is what! And it’s priced right too—only $149.99! That’s comparable to what you might pay for a speaker that doesn’t tell you super precise golf GPS distances. When you buy it at, you can get a neoprene pouch carrying case or a gift bundle for just a little bit more.  

The Bushnell Pro XE Golf Laser Rangefinder

This feature-packed golf laser rangefinder is in a class of its own. The innovators a Bushnell Golf have created advanced slope technology to include Elements compensated distances (that’s the “E” in “XE”). This means you get true “play as” compensated distances through technology that factors in distance, temperature, barometric pressure, and slope.

Playing in a tournament? No problem. Slope-switch technology on the Bushnell Pro XE laser rangefinder lets you turn slope off so that you’re tournament legal.

With a range of over 1,300 yards, the Bushnell Pro XE can acquire a flag at over 450 yards. Pinseeker with visual JOLT complements the pulsing red ring with JOLT vibration so you can be confidant that you’ve locked onto the flag. We’re talking 7x magnification for clarity and resolution only a sports optics industry leader like Bushnell Golf can offer.

And because you’ll want this top tier in golf gear to last, the Pro XE golf rangefinder comes with rubber-armored metal housing and is IPX7 fully waterproof.

Want all these golf features within reach when you need them and out of the way when you don’t? The BITE magnetic cart mount let’s you stick it to your golf cart and get on to the next shot.

Comes with a premium carrying case, carabiner clip, and a whole lot of features to look forward to! Buy it on PlayBetter with one of our many affordable bundle options!

The Bushnell Tour V5 (With Slope Option)

If you're looking for a high-end golf laser rangefinder at a mid-range price, Bushnell Golf has made it happen with the Tour V5 Shift. It's chock-full of Bushnell's latest generation technology for precision and accuracy. And you can pay extra for the slope option or go old school no-slope.

With the slope-compensated distance feature, the Bushnell Tour V5 Shift laser rangefinder uses an enhanced slope algorithm to provide golfers with even more precise tour-trusted compensated distances to account for the hole’s incline/decline. And like the Pro XE laser rangefinder, you can make it tournament legal with a simple switch. The red crescent next to the switch shows that slope is disabled.

Concentrate on your shot, and not on your golf gadget. With integrated BITE magnetic technology your laser rangefinder is always right on the cart and ready.

In either model, you'll know when you've targeted the flagstick with Bushnell's PinSeeker technology with JOLT. Get double the confirmation with a visual flashing red ring and a vibrating pulse.

Stunning definition and vivid color with 6x magnification and precise distances with yardage accuracy within 1-yard—all at an attractive price! Get it on PlayBetter and grab up one of our bundle options for a ridiculously low additional cost.

The Bushnell Launch Pro Golf Launch Monitor

While it is being manufactured by Foresight Sports, the Launch Pro is branded by Bushnell Golf, in order to offer tour-level metrics in a package (or packages) that is more affordable for the everyday golfer. Notice we didn't say affordable, but more affordable. The Launch Pro is not cheap, but the accuracy you are getting with this camera-based golf launch monitor is near GC Quad-level.

Let's jump right into what you get when you purchase a Launch Pro.

Basic Level Launch Pro

Cost: $2,999.99

Out of the box, the Launch Pro provides of the ball data metrics and no head data, which includes: Launch Angle, Side Angle, Ball Speed, Total Spin, Back Spin, Side Spin, Spin Axis, and Carry Distance.

Data is limited to a single shot; you get what's displayed on the Launch Pro’s LCD screen. You can't store, export, or save your performance data. Again, while this seems limited, it offers what entry-level GLMs offer, but with premium accuracy and robust technology.

Launch Pro Annual Subscription Plans

These can be activated during your product setup/registration with a credit card.

Basic Plan (first year is free): $99/year lets you:

  • Connect to an iPad and see 2D ball flight on a range similar to what originally came with the GC Quad.

  • Save 1 session locally and another 10 in the cloud.

  • Get these metrics: Carry Distance, Ball Speed, Total Spin, Horizontal Launch Angle, Vertical Launch Angle, Clubhead Speed, and Smash Factor.

Silver Plan: $399/year gets you a robust upgrade with a basic simulation package, which includes:

  • The ability to connect to a computer or project onto a screen.
  • Virtual golf on 5 courses and practice on the range.
  • The ability for up to 4 players to play at once.
  • The ability to get data for Total Distance, Offline Distance, Descent Angle, and Peak Height with FSX or FSX Pro (FSX Pro not included) software packages.
  • Save up to 5 sessions locally and 20 more in the cloud.
  • Add on additional courses ($150 standard; $250 premium) and Zombie Golf and Foresight Fairgrounds games ($125 each).

Gold Plan (free 30-day trial with purchase): $799/year allows you the full package: full simulation capabilities (up to 8 golfers at a time), as well as all of the ball and clubhead metrics offered by the GC3, which include:

  • Launch Angle
  • Side Angle
  • Ball Speed
  • Total Spin
  • Back Spin
  • Spide Spin
  • Spin Axis
  • Carry Distance
  • Total Distance*
  • Offline Distance*
  • Descent Angle*
  • Peak Height*
  • Clubhead Speed
  • Smash Factor
  • Club Path
  • Angle of Attack

* through FSX or FSX Pro Software only

Additional courses for Gold package users are $125 (standard course) and $200 (premium course). Zombie golf and Fairgrounds are $99 each.

The $799 Bushnell Launch Pro package puts the device almost on even footing with the Foresight GC3. Both include the ability to connect third-party simulation software.

Tip: Think group share: If you have several friends who would play with you (remember up to 8 players in simulation with the gold package) you could split that annual cost, making it more affordable!

The Bushnell ION Edge Golf GPS Watch  

The Bushnell ION EDGE is a golfer's watch. You want something specifically for your golf game that is super easy to use, ultra accurate, and isn't weighed down by a million features and modes and settings (and price tag of only 149.99!) that have nothing to do with golf.

Get more time on the course between charging with longer battery life—15+ hours compared to the previous ION2 Bushnell golf watch. The ION EDGE GPS golf watch also has a NEW touchscreen display. Now you can cycle through your golf features with ease, which include GreenView with moveable pin placement, Dynamic Green Mapping with front and back distances shown based on a golfer’s line of play, a super handy shot distance calculator, andauto hole advance.Get up to six hazard distances per hole, plus 38,000+ preloaded courses worldwide. And with the Bushnell Golf App that is free with your purchase you get access to hyper helpful features like Hole Layouts with Distances and 3D Flyovers with Distance! With auto course recognition, the course shows up on your ION EDGE GPS watch as soon as you show up, with auto course updates via the Bushnell Golf App.

The Bushnell ION EDGE is for golfers who want a strictly golf GPS watch that will help them dial into distances and improve their club selection and shots.

The Bushnell Hybrid Golf Laser Rangefinder + GPS

Bushnell Golf calls it a hybrid, we call it a match made in golf heaven. The Bushnell Hybrid Golf Laser Rangefinder + GPS fully integrates laser and GPS distances in one golf rangefinder.

Perhaps the coolest feature on this golf laser rangefinder is the part that makes it "hybrid": the external GPS display. So how does it work and what can it do?

The GPS unit is turned on separately and has its own separate power source through a USB charger—the laser rangefinder runs off a CR2 battery, which means that even if the GPS isn't charged, you can still use the rangefinder.

You can use the two—rangefinder and GPS—independently or together. Why would you want both? Laser rangefinders, especially those from Bushnell Golf, lock onto the target. GPS can help you know your yardage and space to work with if the flag is obstructed.

There are over 36,000 golf courses in 30 countries already preloaded on the Bushnell Golf GPS unit portion of this hybrid. Bluetooth technology allows for auto course updates and auto course recognition. So the unit knows where you are and you don't have to download or search for anything.

All Bushnell Golf GPS products come with the Bushnell App which gets you:

    • Score Tracking
    • GPS Distances
    • Tee Times
    • 3D Flyovers

With the golf laser rangefinder portion of the Bushnell Hybrid, a buzz tells you when you've hit your target. PinSeeker with JOLT offers short vibrating pulses to confirm that the laser has locked onto the flag. And here's what else:

    • Yardage accuracy of +/- 1 yard
    • Fast Focus System
    • The Stabi-Grip Technology allows a comfortable and secure grip to the rangefinder (reducing hand shake!)

The PlayBetter Bottom Line on Bushnell Golf 2022

Bushnell Golf Has the Option for You: Laser Rangefinders, GPS Handhelds and Watches, and a New Launch Monitor!

Sold out

Sold out

Sold out

Sold out

Sold out

If you're looking for a very accurate GPS device that can help take strokes off your game and adding more fun, we recommend the Bushnell Wingman Speaker with audible GPS and Music!

If it's the best laser rangefinder in the Bushnell Golf collection (and perhaps anywhere) that's on your list, we recommend the feature-laden Bushnell Pro XE golf laser rangefinder with Elements compensated distances!

Want a high-end golf laser rangefinder at a more affordable price? Get the Bushnell Tour V5 golf rangefinder (with Slope option) for the best Bushnell Golf features, including Pinseeker with JOLT flag confirmation and 6x magnification!

Get all Bushnell's features—plus 38,000 worldwide courses, front/center/back/distances, 15-hour-battery life, and scorekeeping—on your wrist with the Bushnell ION Edge golf watch!

If you've been waiting for a tour-level launch monitor created for the everyday golfer, Bushnell Golf and Foresight Sports have partnered to bring you the Launch Pro personal launch monitor and simulator!



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