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Introducing Bushnell ION EDGE Golf GPS Watch | Upgrades Review

Should You Buy the Bushnell ION EDGE Golf Watch?
We Go Over the Features!

Get the Best Price on the PlayBetter Golf Store!

Bushnell Golf has a long, successful history of creating tour-trusted golf GPS devices for weekend golfers. The PlayBetter Golf Store is excited to offer their latest contribution to some of the best GPS technology in the world—the Bushnell ION EDGE Golf Watch!

When it comes to golf gadgets, do you like new, easy-to-use features at an affordable price? And what if we told you this dream device was made by one of the top brands in golf?

Well, you're in luck, because Bushnell Golf has just released the ION EDGE Golf GPS watch—and the price is irresistable at just $149.99!

With that, you get several feature upgrades from their previous Ion 2 GPS watch. If you're looking for a strictly on-the-course golf GPS watch, that will give you precise yardages and a pretty price tag, we suggest you check out these Bushnell ION EDGE golf GPS features!  

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Quick Features Update Review: The Bushnell ION EDGE vs iON2

Display Upgrade!

A NEW touchscreen display updates the Bushnell ION EDGE golf GPS watch with ease of use and more satisfying navigation.

Battery Boost!

Play more rounds!
The Ion Edge golf watch now gets 15+ hours off battery life compared to the 12 hours of the Bushnell iON2 golf watch.

New Golf Features!

The folks at Bushnell Golf have put more golfing features into this strictly gps golf watch, including GreenView with moveable pin placement, Dynamic Green Mapping , shot distance calculator, and the ability to get up to six hazard distances per hole!

Bushnell Golf ION EDGE | New Features

Get more time on the course between charging! The Bushnell ION EDGE golf watch offers longer battery life—15+ hours compared to the previous ION2 Bushnell golf watch, which came in at 12 hours in golf mode.

The ION EDGE GPS golf watch also has NEW touchscreen display. Now you can cycle through your golf features with ease!

And speaking of golfing features ... The Bushnell ION EDGE is packed with feature upgrades the iON2 didn't offer. Go ahead and get psyched about:

    • GreenView with moveable pin placement
    • Dynamic Green Mapping with front and back distances shown based on golfer’s line of play
    • A handy as heck shot distance calculator
    • The ability to get up to six hazard distances per hole
    • 2,000 more golf courses added, now giving you 38,000+ preloaded courses worldwide

ION EDGE GPS Golf Watch | Additional Features

When you get a GPS from Bushnell Golf, you get some pretty sweet and solid features that make your time on the course convenient and give your precise, reliable yardages. Your Bushnell ION EGDE GPS golf watch also includes:

    • Auto course recognition—just show up and the course shows up on your ION EDGE GPS watch! Easily get course updates via the Bushnell Golf App included in your purchase!
    • Auto hole advance
    • Scorekeeper w/ Basic Stats
    • Easy-to-read front/center/back distances
    • Hazard/layup distances—Get up to six per hole; this is more than the four you get with the iON2.
    • Bushnell Golf App—Comes included with your purchase and offers hyper helpful features like Hole Layouts with Distances and 3D Flyovers with Distance!

The New Bushnell Golf GPS Watch | Who's It For?

Sure, there are watches out there that are more stylish and offer more style options than the ION EDGE's black and gray color choices.

And there are golf watches that are loaded with way more features—for both on and off the course.

This is a golfer's watch. You want something specifically for your golf game that is super easy to use, ultra accurate, and that isn't weighed down with a million features and modes and settings (and price tag!) that have nothing to do with golf.

The Bushnell ION EDGE is for golfers who want a strictly golf GPS watch that will help them dial into distances and improve their club selection and shots.

The PlayBetter Bottom Line

Sold out

For the price, this might just be the best golf gps you can get on your wrist. Bushnell Golf is known for their ultra accurate distances that can help shred numbers off your scorecard. If you're looking for a basic, on-the-course-focused golf watch—the search is over. The ION EDGE gps watch is really a no-brainer at such a nice price!

Bushnell ION EDGE Golf GPS Watch
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