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Voice Caddie SL2 Active Hybrid GPS Laser Rangefinder with Green Undulation | Upgrade Review

The New Voice Caddie SL2 Active Hybrid GPS Laser Rangefinder Is Available Now!
We Review the Exciting Updates Below!

Why You Can’t Go Wrong with a Voice Caddie!

Not only do Voice Caddie products have proven accuracy that can help you make better decisions on the course and shave numbers off your score … They continue to improve on their pro-grade golf technology! And that’s exactly what’s happened with the Voice Caddie SL2 active hybrid GPS laser rangefinder!

In your quest to play better, you want the latest golf gadgets to help you reduce guesswork and hone your instincts on every hole. The question inevitably arises: Should you get a golf GPS or a laser rangefinder?

A few brands have already made it easy for you by creating hybrid laser rangefinders with GPS. And now, Voice Caddie has made it irresistible with some pretty stellar upgrades to their SL1 hybrid golf rangefinder with Green Undulation in the Voice Caddie SL2.

Typically, successive generations of products tend to introduce a new feature or two and some de-bugged software ... But the pros at Voice Caddie hit long with the SL2 hybrid golf rangefinder upgrade. From the yacht-inspired aesthetic to the significantly smarter golf features, we think you're going to be as impressed as we are.

Read on to find out everything you want to know about the Voice Caddie SL2 hybrid golf rangefinder, with dynamic Green Undulation, course layout graphics, and distance readings integrated into a high-res touch screen!

Short on time? Jump to the PlayBetter Bottom Line where we sum up our upgrade review.

What's New with the Voice Caddie SL2

A New Upscale Look!

The stylish Voice Caddie SL2 hybrid rangefinder was inspired by the look and feel of a yacht sailing on the open water—where elegance meets precision!

Smart Course View™!

Voice Caddie developed Smart Course View features to help you better understand and manage your course experience!  

Active Green View™!

Active Green View lets you rotate the view so you can attack the green from where you are—giving you even more of an edge when using Smart Course View features, including Green Undulation.

Voice Caddie SL2 Style Refresh


High-End Style for a High-End Hybrid Rangefinder!

While the sleek brown faux leather style of the SL1 was on point, the Voice Caddie SL2 GPS laser rangefinder conjures a whole other aesthetic. Inspired by the deck of a yacht sailing on open water, the SL2 is wrapped in stark white faux leather (don't worry, it cleans easily) accented with a classic wood finish on the front end. An aluminum speaker-like trim around the front and eye cap complete the premium look of this sophisticated golf rangefinder.

The Voice Caddie SL2 truly captures the smash factor of what happens when elegant design meets state-of-the-art technology. But gorgeous style is just a taste of the upgraded features this active hybrid GPS laser rangefinder has to offer!



SL2 Active Hybrid GPS Laser Rangefinder New Features

Voice's Caddie's previous hybrid rangefinder, the SL1, also features a touchscreen below the viewfinder that displayed GPS distance numbers as well as the ultra cool Green Undulation feature. But in the SL2 active hybrid GPS laser rangefinder, they basically dropped one of their full-fledged golf GPS watches inside the rangefinder (Check out our Voice Caddie A2 and T8 GPS golf watches!).

Understand and work the course better with the new Smart Course View™ features, which allows you to:

  • see a line across the across the map to show landing area of your driver from a preset driver distance
  • touch bunkers and hazards to see the distance to the front and end
  • zoom in for enlarged views
  • get the distance from a selected point to the pin

The SL2 is also loaded with the new Active Green View™ features, which include:

  • more realistic and intuitive Green Undulation experience; it's easier to see the breaks and you can reset the pin location
  • a zoom screen that allows you to move the pin and navigate around the green
  • info that lets you study size of the green and any risky areas to avoid
  • ability to customize and reset the pin with updated distances
  • thanks to the the "active" part of this feature, the green rotates according to your location

The software in the SL2 GPS laser rangefinder is super swift and hyper accurate. It won't keep you or the party behind you waiting while it loads.

Additional Features of the Voice Caddie SL2 Rangefinder

Many things carry over from the Voice Caddie SL1 hybrid GPS laser rangefinder, including:

    • True Hybrid GPS/Laser Rangefinder
    • GPS Pin Assist: Utilizes GPS Data to Filter
    • Background and Hone in on the Pin
    • Slope Integration with Tournament Mode
    • Color Touch LCD Screen
    • Course layout/ GPS yardage view
    • Green Undulation, Course Layout View
    • Continuous Scan Mode (Normal Mode)
    • Vibration on Target Capture (Pin Mode)
    • 2 Color OLED for Low Light Play
    • Optical Angle/High Clarity Lens

However, in true Voice Caddie form, many of these cool golf features have been improved. For example, on the laser side of the SL2, the optics are brighter and clearer. When you play in bright, normal conditions, you get a full color clear display. But if you're playing in foggy or darker conditions, The Voice Caddie SL2 golf rangefinder creates a different view thanks to its 2 color OLED viewer.

The PlayBetter Bottom Line

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You never have to wonder if you should invest in a golf laser rangefinder or a feature-rich GPS golf watch—Voice Caddie has combined the two in an unprecedented fashion.

The gorgeous SL2 active hybrid GPS laser rangefinder gives you clear, condition-adjusted views, quick and accurate distances, and a touchscreen GPS that will give you a realistic understanding of the course you're playing, helping you to make your best plan of attack on the green at each hole!

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