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2023 Wilson Dynapower vs Callaway Paradym | Drivers, Irons, Fairways & Hybrids

2023 Wilson Dynapower vs Callaway Paradym | Drivers, Irons, Fairways & Hybrid Comparison

The Wilson Dynapower line of golf clubs check all the requisite boxes for modern game-improvement irons. Plus, dualing drivers; titanium for players who want the forgiveness and MOI it delivers. And the carbon version is for players who want the lower ball flight and lower spin. The fariways and hybrids in this retro Dynapower lineup have a lot going on too.

Wilson is one of the most iconic names in the industry that's still kicking after 109 years—long enough to bring back a the retro Dynapower name and give it a modern spin—like AI-designed modern.

PlayBetter is superexcited to carry the full line!

In this article, we're comparing this new Wilson Golf Club lineup to one of the darlings of the industry, Callaway Paradym, to see if these affordable game improvement clubs are for you!

Wilson Dynapower Irons Review from Gabe at Let's Play Thru!

Wilson Dynapower vs Callaway Paradym Quick Links

Wilson Dynapower vs Callaway Paradym Golf Drivers

Wilson Dynapower Golf Drivers

There are two new adjustable drivers: one all-titanium, one with a carbon-fiber crown.

The Dynapower Titanium driver ($429.99) is, of course, all titanium. It’s a higher MOI driver with a low and back CG, higher launch and spin with a slight draw bias.

The center of gravity in this driver is low and back with a 16-gram weight, giving it that higher launch, higher spin result. Overall, it's a more forgiving driver.

The Dynapower Carbon Driver ($499.99) features, obviously, a carbon-fiber crown and is a low-spinning, low-launching neutral-bias head.

This Wilson golf driver has center of gravity low and in the front with a 12-gram weight that lends itself to a recipe for low spin and natural ball flight.

Both of these models are adjustable and feature Dynapower AI-analyzed face thickness.

Additionally, you get six adjustable settings in each driver. They're in half-degree increments, one full degree down and two degrees up. At each setting, you adjust spin up or down roughly 125 rpm and 3.5 yards or so in left or right bias.

Callaway Paradym Golf Drivers

Callaway is a formidable golf brand with a lot of customer loyalty. And the 2023 Paradym lineup is getting love from a lot of reviewers.

Let's get an overview of the Paradym drivers, which are for three different types of golfers.

The standard Pradym driver model ($599.99) features a refined shape with high MOI, and it's the only one with a 15 gram adjustable perimeter weighting. Promoting high launch, low spin, and neutral ball flight, it offers the best combination of distance, forgiveness, and adjustability.

The Paradym Triple Diamond Driver ($599.99) offers a compact shape for players who want to work the ball. It’s the lowest spinning and lowest launching driver of this series with a neutral ball flight.

The Paradym X Driver ($599.99) is engineered for a high launch with high MOI, along with a generously stretched profile at address. This model is best suited for golfers struggling with a slice—with its slight draw bias—and players seeking extreme forgiveness.

This series offers a lightweight design, and the standard and X models are ideal for high handicappers—although we like to recommend the more affordable, yet high quality Stix golf clubs to high handicappers.

Wilson Dynapower vs Callaway Paradym Golf Irons

Wilson Dynapower Golf Irons

With the Dynapower Golf Irons, Wilson took their OG name from the 1950s and paired it with supercomputer AI to offer modern-day optimized properties that provide:

  • low CG for high launch
  • A.I.-desinged variable face thickness for max ball speed
  • outrage-inspiring jacked lofts

"Are these the best golf clubs on the planet in the game-improvement category? I say yes!"

That was the reponse of Gabe—our favorite golf reviewer and partner over at Let's Play Thru—after he took just a half set out on the course. Check out his video above to watch him put them through a nine-hole test.

According to him, these clubs are effortless and make the game easier and more enjoyable.

The weight is moved to the toe for toe-strike focus, which is where majority of impact happens.

While they are not the most workable clubs, they are, says Gabe, best suited for 15-20+ handicappers who should be working on contact while also enjoying the game.

The 2023 Wilson Staff Dynapower irons come in a seven-piece set, from a 21-degree 5-iron to a 47-degree gap wedge.

They are available in steel ($799.99) or graphite ($899.99). This retro Dynapower golf irons set is a real steal compared to other sets on the market!

Callaway Paradym Golf Irons

Callaway Paradym irons are designed to offer the best combination of feel and distance by pairing Callaway’s Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) face technology with a forged 455 material.

Each iron face is uniquely optimized by parameters set by engineers base on A.I. The result delivers more ball speed and higher launch throughout the set.

The standard model ($1,399.99) here is for golfers who are looking for a players’ distance iron with a refined shape and premium forging.

The Paradym X ($1,399.99) is a bigger, beefier iron that combines incredibly long distance technologies with a premium forged feel.

Dynapower Graphite Irons

Dynapower Women's Irons

Callaway Paradym Irons

Callaway Paradym X Irons

Wilson Dynapower vs Callaway Paradym Golf Fairways

Dynapower Golf Fairways

The Wilson Dynapower Fairway ($249.99) has a whole new look with Dynapower AI shaping, head design and face design.

Variable face thickness is used to get desired ball speeds.  

Wison's new fairways are a high MOI design with a 12-gram rear weight for a low and back CG.

Callaway Paradym Golf Fairways

Following the Paradym driver models, the 2023 Callaway fairway woods continue keep the three typse.

The standard Callaway Paradym Golf Fairway Wood ($349.99) fits the widest range of players. It's the model for golfers who want a high launching fairway wood with a neutral ball flight.

The Paradym X Fairway ($349.99) is the most forgiving shape with a slight draw bias.

The Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond Fairway Wood ($349.99) offers the most compact fairway wood shape with a deeper face at address. Designed for more seasoned players who want to challenge themselves with lower flight and spin.

Wilson Dynapower vs Callaway Paradym Golf Hybrids

Dynapower Golf Hybrids

Wilson's Dynapower Hybrid ($249.99) is also designed for easy launch with a low and back CG.

And along with the fairway woods, it has advanced, tour-inspired head shape.

A flatter profile for a clean set up behnind the ball was the result of tour player testing.

Paradym Golf Hybrids

Callaway has completely changed the shaping of these hybrids to offer greater versatility along with a more rounded wood-like shape.

The Paradym hybrid ($299.99) is for golfers who want a mid-sized, wood-shaped hybrid that’s long with excellent versatility and control. The Cutwave Sole design improves the club’s performance through the turf, making this a versatile hybrid, and it features Callaway's fairway wood technologies for maximum distance.

The Paradym X model hybrid ($299.99) is for golfers who want a full-sized, wood-shaped hybrid that’s long with excellent versatility and forgiveness.

Wilson Dynapower Golf Clubs for Women

The 2023 Wilson Dynapower lineup also offers women's golf clubs.

The Wilson Dynapower Women's Graphite Irons ($899.99) feature variable face thicknesses to make more of the clubface hot, especially center to toe where 85% of shots are hit.

Wilson's Dynapower Women's Titanium Driver ($429.99) also features a 6-way adjustable sleeve for more launch and spin options. It has a CG positioned low and in back for max stability, higher launch angles, and neutral to draw bias.

The Dynapower Women's Fairway Wood ($249.99) provides rear weighting and variable face thickness to promote the fastest ball speeds over the entire face for high, soaring ball flight.

Wilson's Dynapower Hybrid for Women ($219.99) feature a low CG and variable face thickness to deliver easy-to-launch ball flight, precise distance, and tour-preferred, flatter profile for confident setup.

Wilson Dynapower vs Callaway Paradym Conclusion

If you're looking for the best game-improvement clubs of 2023, then the Dynapower golf clubs from Wilson are a no-brainer.

If you want something with a little more workability, you may want to check out the more specific options in the Callaway Paradym lineup. However, we would recommend you look into the superfast Cobra AEROJET line if this is the way you are leaning. It's generating some lived-up-to hype for the impressive distance and aerodynamic shape it offers.

If you enjoy a retro product that's taken proven weighting technology and paired it with modern-day AI design properties that punch this product up to the next level in terms of distance and stability—then it's Dynapower all the way.

And, finally, another argument for getting Wilson Dynapower in your bag is value. This is a trusted brand that is putting real value in your hands for a more reasonable price than some of the other hyped-up brands out there.  

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