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The Affordable CHARLIE10 Golf Travel Cover | 2022 Best Golf Travel Bag

6 Reasons Why the CHARLIE10 Is the Best Golf Travel Bag of 2022

CHARLIE10 makes tactical gear for everyday life. The CHARLIE10 soft golf travel bag is rugged and high-quality for protecting your clubs, fitting your lifestyle, and getting your golf gear to the next course!

Protect Your Clubs and Travel Like a Pro!

We love golf. We literally named our store after what every golfer wants to do: play better golf. And when you’re on a golf trip, you need to have your clubs with you. Especially when the stakes are high or if you’re on you're dream golf course. Only your clubs and equipment will do. But getting your golf gear there can be tricky — there’s the car, the airline, your back — which is why you want a rugged, high-quality travel golf bag. That’s why we're so exciting about introducing the affordable CHARLIE10 golf travel bag with wheels!

To find out why it might just be the best golf club travel cover you find in 2021, read our article below.

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Is CHARLIE10 the Best Golf Travel Bag?

The CHARLIE10 checks off all the boxes in what you're looking for in a travel bag for your clubs. It's made from high-quality, reinforced material for durability with buckles and lockable zippers. It has easy access to pocket space for shoes and additional storage, along with a weather-protected bag tag holder. An exterior strap system keeps your bag snug and your clubs from banging around. And, finally, wheels make all the difference when moving through the airport.

And the Best Golf Travel Bag on a Budget Goes to ... CHARLIE10!

Okay, so everything we mentioned in the first section ... that plus a considerably lower price tag on this high-end golf bag cover makes the CHARLIE10 the best choice for golfers on a budget. It costs about $100 less than our closest competitors! And it's available to buy on the PlayBetter Golf Store!

Weather-protected bag tag on camo CHARLIE10 golf club cover
CHARLIE10 logo on red soft golf travel bag
Blue CHARLIE10 golf travel bag lockable heavy-duty zippers
CHARLIE10 logo on black golf club travel bag

Best Soft Golf Travel Bag

Soft golf travel bags are not as expensive as hard cases and are easier to transport — especially in smaller vehicles, shuttles, and through airports. And when you don't need them, they can be folded into a more compact size to store. Get the CHARLIE10 for high-quality, durable material and straps that will protect your clubs — and won't break your back or the bank!

Retired? The CHARLIE10 Is Your Best Choice in Golf Travel Bags!

You're a golfer who's older, retired, or who doesn't have the best back ... you've earned your golf trips and time on the course. You deserve convenient golf gear that's not cumbersome and is just plain cool (like the Nikon COOLSHOT PRO II STABILIZED rangefinder that reduces handshake and enhances sightline).

The CHARLIE10 golf travel bag is slick-looking and lightweight, has lots of pocket space for storing your other gear, and rolls on wheels so you don't have to lug it around. Plus, it comes with a price tag that won't rob you.

CHARLIE10 logo on red golf travel cover
Weather-protected bag tag holder on camo CHARLIE10 golf travel cover
Black CHARLIE10 log on golf travel cover
Lockable heavy-duty zippers on blue CHARLIE10 travel cover for golf clubs

Best Golf Travel Bag for Airlines

Because navigating the airport can be a nightmare if you don't have wheels on your luggage. The difference between having to carry your golf club travel bag and rolling it near effortlessly through a crowd is priceless. And you can get that ease for less than $200 with the CHARLIE10. Just sayin'. Wheels down until it's wheel up.

Best High-End Travel Golf Bag

High-end quality without the high-end price! At CHARLIE10 our aim is to make rugged, cool-looking tactical gear for everyday life. You likely dropped a pretty penny on your clubs, but if you could protect them with a high-quality golf travel cover without paying more than necessary for that quality, wouldn't you? You have exactly that choice with the CHARLIE10 — a premium golf travel bag with a practical price tag. It's a principle thing.

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The Bottom Line:
The CHARLIE10 Travel Golf Bag is a Great Option for Any Golfer on Any Golf Trip! Get It On the PlayBetter Golf Store!

The CHARLIE10 makes sense for any golfer on any budget going anywhere. High-quality, gorgeous design, and an affordable price ... This should be the first golf travel bag on your list!

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CHARLIE10 Golf Travel Bag

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