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Best Garmin Watches for Women to Gift in 2022

Give the Best Women's Garmin Watch of 2022! Shop GPS Watches for a Variety of Activities, Styles, & Budgets.

Gift the Very Best! Garmin fēnix 7S Multisport GPS Watch with Music

The gift for the athlete or adventurer who wants and does it all—the fēnix 7S is tough and sporty like her—with a smaller size and weight.

Get the Garmin Smartwatch That Will Let Her Take & Make Calls on Her Wrist

She'll love Garmin's only fitness sport watch that let's her use her phone from her wrist. The Venu 2 Plus is the perfect gift for the active woman on your list.

EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT on the Garmin Venu® GPS Fitness Watch

Put a gorgeous Garmin AMOLED display on her wrist for under $250! The Rose Gold Venu fitness watch has the features she'll love!

Buy the Best Garmin Watch That Fits Her Fashion and Activities

Today’s Garmin watches offer a suite of features and functionality that can’t be matched by any other brand.

Beyond the features and build quality, Garmin offers a wide range of GPS watches for the style and budget shoppers are looking for.

So, whether she's a runner, cyclist, golfer, snowboarder, watersports lover—or all of the above—there's a Garmin watch for the woman in your life.

No doubt she'll want the best-looking watch on her wrist. We've got you covered with GPS watches for running, outdoor, golf, and more—in many color palettes, at all price levels.

In this article, we'll run you through the most affordable fitness watch you can buy this year—Garmin Venu—to the most battery life—Garmin Enduro 2—to the best overall multisport watch you can put on her wrist—Garmin fēnix 7S. And everything in between.

Are you ready? Let's shop the best Garmin watches for women in 2022!

Watch a Garmin Venu 2 Plus Review Video

Best Garmin Watches for Women | Table of Contents

Great Garmin Gifts | Best Watches for Women in 2022

Best Overall Garmin Watch for Women — fēnix 7S

The fēnix 7S multisport GPS watch packs a powerful punch in terms of features and build-quality. Sound like the woman you're shopping for? Keep reading.

Put a sexy-sleek 1.2” display on her wrist with both trusted button controls and the new touchscreen interface to access advanced training features, an impressive range of sports apps, Garmin's extensive 24/7 health and wellness monitoring, and a whole lot more.

Choose between 3 models: the most affordable yet solid fēnix 7S standard; the fēnix 7S Solar for extra-long battery life and more durabiltiy; and the fēnix 7S Sapphire Solar with a scratch-resistant Power Sapphire lens, titanium bezel and case, preloaded topo maps, and multi-frequency GPS positioning.

Each model has built-in Wi-Fi connectivity to download maps for any continent at any time—without using a computer

She'll love the performance insights and metrics that will help her manage exertion and build stamina. Plus, she'll be able to optimize recovery and overall wellness by monitoring heart rate, respiration, stress, sleep, and more.

When she goes of the beaten path, Garmin's latest GPS and outdoor navigation sensors will be on her wrist to guide her.

On her tamer days, she'll get smart notifications when connected to a compatible smart phone, music storage (up to 2,000 songs), and Garmin Pay™ contactless payments in supported countries and payment networks. Chose from 7 different color schemes between the 3 available models.

Sold out

Most Affordable Fitness Watch for Women in 2022 — Garmin Venu

Get a stunning fitness watch for her and an EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT for you when you buy the Garmin Venu on PlayBetter!

We're not sure there's a more sensible way to spend less than $250 on a Garmin fitness watch with a stunning AMOLED display. Sure, it doesn't have the navigation and training tools of the premium fēnix 7 series, but this sporty smartwatch is still jam-packed with features she'll love!

First of all, it's got more than 20 preloaded GPS and indoor sports apps, plus helpful animated workouts right on its ultrabright screen.

A solid suite of all-day health monitoring features keeps track of energy levels, women's health, respiration, stress, sleep, estimated heart rate, hydration, and Pulse Ox.

And as if all that were not enough, she can easily download all her favorite workout tunes (up to 500 songs!), including playlists from Spotify, Amazon Music, and Deezer and connect to her headphones for phone-free listening.

This Venu features Garmin's most popular color with a Rose Gold bezel and Light Sand band. Plus, she'll be able to personalize her watch with thousands of free watch faces, apps, and widgets from the Connect IQ™ Store, use Garmin Pay contactless payment, and receive smart notifications.

True, the Venu battery life is nowhere near the newer 2022 high-end Garmin watches, but if 5 days in smartwatch mode and 6 hours in GPS will work between charges, this might be the Garmin gift for him to put on your list.

Sold out

Best Women's Running Watch with Music — Garmin Forerunner 955

Gift your favorite gal a Garmin Forerunner 955, the premium GPS running and triathlon smartwatch of 2022, packed with ALL the training tools and where she can pack up to 2,000 of her favorite training tunes for phone-free listening.

Features include training readiness, which tells her when she's primed for a productive session.

Daily suggested workouts adapt to her performance and recovery along with the race widget, which provides training tips, course details, and completion time predictions.

With morning report, she'll rise with an overview of her sleep, recovery, training, and more—as well as a picture of her overall health with heart rate variability (HRV) status.

Plus, you'll give her the gift of Garmin's new multi-band GPS in addition to full-color, built-in maps to help her navigate confidently.

With traditional button operation and a touchscreen on her wrist, she can conveniently tap into her training status and know whether she's training productively, peaking, or strained.

Her Forerunner 955 battery life lasts up to 15 days in smartwatch mode before she's got to charge. Plus, there's a solar charging option for even more juice to keep her going!

Sold out

Garmin Running Watch for Smaller Wrists — Forerunner 255S Music

Help her run at a higher level with a the Forerunner 255S GPS watch that was built for her sassy, sporty wrist.

This 41 mm case has a smaller 1.1" color display and weighs a superlight 39 g. Color choices include: Powder Gray and Pink. Music editions come in Black and White.

This running GPS watch will help her train and recover smarter with training status, running power, multi-band GPS, and daily suggested workouts that'll adapt to her goals and performance.

She can plan her race-day strategy with the new race widget, and morning report with HRV status will reveal her overall health as well as the day ahead.

With Garmin Pay™ contactless payments, it’s never been easier to snag that post-workout coffee, plus get smart notifications and calendar and weather to help plan her day.

This gift will put more than 30 activity profiles on her wrist, including triathlon, cycling, HIIT, yoga, and much more.

With Forerunner 255, she'll have a continuous picture of his health, from training and recovery to sleep quality and overall wellness.

She can do all this with up to 14 days of battery life in smartwatch mode and up to 30 hours in GPS mode between charges.

Sold out

Best Golf Watch for Women — Garmin Approach® S42

Alright, if you’re gonna give her a golf watch, why stop short of gorgeous and smart? That’s what you’re getting (or giving) with the Garmin S42 golf GPS smartwatch. This is the bar-none, loveliest golf watch you can put on her wrist.

This 1.2" display color touchscreen watch only weighs 43 g. Color palettes include Gunmetal Black, Rose Gold/Light Sand, and Polished Silver/White.

This is a watch that that is jam-packed with features and has the potential to actually improve a lady's golf game. Seriously. This Garmin watch is going to learn how far she hits each of her clubs and provides slope on a beautiful touchscreen display that allows you to pinch and swipe around each hole to find yardages to hazards and layup spots. A pin pointer will gives her a target on blind shots, swing tempo monitoring, and much more.

Plus, this golf yardage watch is smart! She'll receive smart notifications and have a calendar and weather widget to know what to expect during the day.

And if all that weren’t enough, she's going to get activity tracking, GPS speed and distance, running profiles, and wellness features for sleep, women's health, and hydration.

Sold out

Best Looking Garmin GPS Watch — epix™ (Gen 2)

Give the most epically gorgeous Garmin watch for women in 2022 with the epix 2.

When you give her the epix 2 premium active smartwatch, she can take on every day with the stunning AMOLED display that's shine like a diamond on her wrist.

This Garmin watch is available in Slate/Steel in the standard model and Black or White Titanium in the Sapphire model.

She'll stay connected with smart features, have more music storage than she'll ever need, and get even more functionality on the wrist with Garmin Pay contactless payments in supported countries and payment networks. Plus, get up to 16 days of battery life in smartwatch mode.

She'll gain insights about her body with 24/7 health and wellness monitoring features that track Pulse Ox, heart rate, respiration, women's health, and more.

With 30+ built-in sports apps she'll train her way and take it further with performance metrics and Garmin Coach training plans.

When adventure is on her mind, she can download TopoActive mapping via Wi-Fi connectivity, or get it preloaded on Sapphire editions. Plus, Sapphire editions support multi-band GNSS technology for stronger, better, more accurate positioning in challenging environments!

Sold out

Best Garmin Fitness Smartwatch — Venu 2 Plus

Here's a perfect gift idea: Give her a fitness watch that let's her make and take calls right from the wrist!

And when it's a Garmin watch, she'll get a whole lot more along with it!

Once she pairs the Venu 2 Plus to her compatible smartphone, she can enjoy the convenience of keeping that phone in her pocket—and start making and taking calls right from her wrist. She can even use her smartphone’s voice assistant to respond to text messages and use some smart home functions enabled on her phone.

These watches strike a balance between elegant and sporty style—perfect for all-day wear and any event. Colors include: Silver/Powder Gray, Cream Gold/Ivory, Slate/Black.

Plus, this GPS smartwatch has advanced health and fitness features to help her better tune into her body.

She can switch up activities with animated workouts and more than 25 built-in sports apps.

Built-in music storage lets her stash up to 650 of her favorite workout jams. And get even more functionality on the wrist with Garmin Pay™ contactless payments in supported countries and payment networks, safety tracking features and more.

Sold out

Best Value Fitness GPS Watch — Garmin Venu 2 Sq

Put more battery life on her wrist—for less! The Garmin Venu 2 Sq (standard edition) costs only $250 and is loaded with 11 days of power between charges and jam-packed with fitness and advanced health features!

Plus, it brilliantly combines daily style with functionality with a vibrant AMOLED display and several colors to choose from.

Give her health monitoring and fitness features that'll inspire her to connect mind and body. With up to 11 days of battery life, she won’t have to take off her watch every night to charge it—which means a more complete 24/7 picture of her health. Get heart rate, sleep score, stress tracking, Body Battery™ energy levels and so much more (This device is intended to give an estimate of your activity and metrics).

With 25 preloaded sports apps for indoor or outdoor activities, she can try something new, including running, cardio, strength, HIIT and more.

She'll never miss a call or text with smart notifications delivered to her wrist when paired to her Apple® or Android™ smartphone.

And, she'll find a new way to move with the Venu® Sq 2 – Music Edition smartwatch with on-device music—that's easy onboarding and storage of up to 500 songs for only $50 more!

Sold out

Garmin Watch with the Best Battery Life — Enduro™ 2

The Garmin watch for the woman who runs to ends of the Earth and back—the Enduro 2 ultraperformance multisport GPS watch with solar power that provides battery life of up to 150 hours in GPS mode with solar charging.

Plus, she can train for her next ultra race with AutoSelect mode, which uses SatIQ™ technology to dynamically determine the GPS mode necessary to maximize battery life without compromising positional accuracy.

The rugged, lightweight design won’t slow her down, and the light UltraFit band offers a secure, comfortable fit during while she's outlasting her longest runs.

She'll always find her way with this Garmin watch preloaded with TopoActive and ski maps, while a variety of built-in sports apps as well as endurance, stamina, and other performance metrics will help level-up her training.

With traditional button controls or the new touchscreen interface on her wrist, she can conveniently access her selections. Enduro 2 includes an Adventure Racing World Series-approved adventure racing app. Plus, its advanced features, including the NextFork™ map guide, grade-adjusted pace, and automatic rest timer for ultra runs, help her prepare to go the distance. A superbright LED flashlight (twice as bright as the fēnix® 7X multisport GPS watch) will even guide her in the dark.

Sold out

Choose the Best Garmin Watch for Women

Now that you've seen our best-of picks based on budget, looks, bonus features, comfort, performance tracking, and display quality, you can choose a Garmin women's watch guaranteed to deliver reliable performance—and a smile on her face when she opens it.

And remember, even if you don't quite nail the perfect gift, and she has another GPS watch in mind, you’ve got two months to return the product for free at—no questions asked! And we've made exchanges easy.

That should take the pressure off of your decision-making.

Bring joy to the woman you love this season—and to her wrist. You can’t go wrong with any of these candidates for best women's Garmin watch of 2022.

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