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Check Out This COROS VERTIX 2 Review and Find Out What's New & Impressive in This GPS Behemoth of COROS Watches!

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Watch a COROS VERTIX 2 Review with Dave at Chase the Summit!

Is the VERTIX 2 the Best COROS Watch?

In August of 2021 COROS released their most advanced watch yet—the VERTIX 2. It's also the most expensive of the COROS watches at $699, which is not the most you'll pay for a high-end multisport watch. Not by a long shot.

So what's it doing to make it the best COROS watch? Well, the VERTIX 2 has added several things: dual-frequency GPS, full-blown global maps, music storage on watch—these are all firsts for COROS watches.

But there's two things you really gotta know. One, there's currently no other sport GPS watch on the market that beats the VERTIX 2 in battery life. And it doesn't even have solar-charging. And two, it is chunky with a 1.4" display. This makes for awesome visibility and the ability to see more data at once. But you have to have the wrist for it.

And if you want to give the COROS VERTIX 2 a shot, you can get it on with FREE 2-day shipping and FREE 60-day returns—no hassle and risk free!

COROS VERTIX 2 Color & Size

As mentioned above, along with monster battery life, the COROS VERTIX 2 features a huge display and is a substantial GPS watch.

Could we seriously expect COROS to outdo themselves on battery life, overhaul their GPS chipset, add ECG and Music storage and keep this puppy featherlight?

Plus, this watch is meant to be rugged and hold its own, whatever you put it through. If you're looking for a lighter watch, you should check out the COROS PACE 2 or one of the APEX watches.

All things being equal, COROS' mission is to keep things simple and about the user and their athletic pursuit. This watch comes in one size with a 1.4" Always-On Memory LCD Touchscreen, 50.3 x 50.3 x 15.7mm case, and weighs 89g (with silicone band); 72g (with nylon band). For color, choose betweeen Lava and Obsidian.

For full product specs visit our COROS product specification page.


The 1.4" display on the COROS VERTIX 2 blows most GPS sport watches away for size, including the 1.2" display of the original VERTIX watch.

This huge display stands out inside its rugged, shiny bezel. The larger screen allows for more data to be displayed and makes the topo navigation experience pretty freaking awesome.

It's a touch-enabled transflective display. But the touch parts has it's limits. While you can swipe around inside may of the widgets, you can't scroll through them.

All in all, it's a standout display in the world of multisport GPS watches.  

VERTIX 2 Mulitsport Watch Build Quality & Design

Continuing in the tradition of the original COROS VERTIX, the VERTIX 2 has some hardcore, impressive build quality.

A titanim bezel, titanium back case cover, and sapphire crystal domed lense, ensures that this adventure watch is rugged and expedition-ready. Plus, it's water resistant to 10 ATM (100 meters), and when it comes to temperature, it operates from -22 F to 120 F—that's more than the competition.

Built-in barometric altimeter, compass, gyroscope, and accelerometer are all a part of the gig, as well.

Button layout includes two on the right side with a digital dial in the middle (3 buttons all together).

The included COROS VERTIX 2 watch band is a 26 mm silicone band—Dave says it's comfy with a lot of stretch to it. Plus, it's QuickFit-enabled, so you pop it off and replace it with another color or material if you like!

COROS Watch Touchscreen & Digital Dial

The COROS VERTIX 2 has a cool installed watch face and new more competive user interface.

Use the digital dial with one finger to scroll through truncated widgets so you can see more information at a glance.

New to the COROS VERTIX 2 is the sleep widget that you won't find on any pervious COROS watch. It'll give you duration, stages, and a 7-day graph of your sleep.

This COROS sport watch does have a touchscreen but is not fully enabled and can only be used in certain parts of the watch. For example, it doesn't respond on the homescreen, but once you dive into a widget, you are able to scroll and swipe around.

Activity Profiles & Data Fields

When it comes to activity profiles on the COROS VERTIX 2—this watch is loaded! Count on everything from running, track running, trail running to triathlon profiles to windsurfing, rock climbing, and much more!

And now—thanks to the 1.4" display—you can fit more data on the screen of this COROS watch. Customize up to 8 data fields and get the information you want on an activity!

See more of what you want at a glace without scrolling through additional pages.

Connectivity & Faster Processiong on the VERTIX 2

In terms of connectivity, the COROS VERTIX 2 has Bluetooth, but also adds Wi-Fi, which you currently won't find on other COROS watches.

This allows you to connect to a network and get firmware updates on your watch—super handy, right?!

One thing you should be aware of, the VERTIX 2 does not have ANT+ connectivity.

Also, this best COROS watch has a super-fast processor and is highly responsive—always a major factor when choosing a sport smartwatch!

ECG Sensor & HRV Stress

Another new feature on this COROS watch is a built-in electrocardiogram (ECG).

ECG is the most accurate way to monitor your heart rate and is also a reliable way to obtain heart rate variability (HRV). The VERTIX 2 can access ECG and HRV, as well as stress during both training and daily life. This, of course, can help you decide when it's best to train and when to recover.

How does it work?

You touch your hand to the bezel for 60 seconds while remaining still. The ECG shows a cool moving graph of your heart rate. After a minute it gives you a result score and your stress level.

See it work in Dave's COROS VERTIX 2 review video.

COROS VERTIX 2 with the Insta360 Camera

Record your adventures with your Insta360 action camera—and control it from your VERTIX 2.

Just pair it with an Insta360—it's super easy. And now you can capture your rides, hikes, climbs, runs, paddleboard journeys, whatever you like, with ease as well.

Mount your camera anywhere—on your helmet, on your ATV, on a selfie stick—and you don't have to touch the camera to start and stop recording. Just hit the digital dial on the COROS VERTIX 2 on your wrist.

What an awesome, unexpected bonus!

COROS VERTIX 2 Global Mapping & Navigation

Get full-blown, offline global mapping—already installed in your COROS VERTIX 2 and ready to go!

The VERTIX 2 GPS offers global offline mapping, and includes: Landscape, Topo, and Hybrid modes. Get a full global Landscape map out of the box and users can download their Topo map by regions for free from

By zooming in and out of the map with the digital-dial, or dragging around the map with the highly-responsive touchscreen, the VERTIX 2 offers the best experience for on-wrist navigation. Plus have Breadcrumb and Back-to-Start navigation at your disposal.

While you can now see a color map filling the screen of the 1.4" VERTIX 2, it is limited to a base map that gives you a contextual idea of where you are. These aren't routable maps, so you can't put in an address or point of interest and generate a course. It's simply for context about where you are.

Dual-Frequency GPS & Accuracy

The COROS VERTIX 2 is the first multisport GPS watch to feature dual-frequency GPS!

Get 5 major satellite systems—GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Beidou, and QZSS—accessed by your VERTIX 2 GPS sport watch at the same time! Dual Frequency satellite communication acts as an express lane for a faster, better signal previously only available in aviation products! Take advantage of built-in ABC sensors—an altimeter for elevation data, a barometer to monitor weather, and a compass. The VERTIX 2 GPS offers global offline mapping, and includes: Landscape, Topo, and Hybrid modes.

After using the mult-band satellite positioning on this top COROS watch, Dave has found it to be spot on accuracy-wise!

COROS VERTIX 2 Battery Life

Sometimes GPS sport watches make claims about battery life, and they don't quite live up to the hype.

Not the case with COROS VERTIX 2.

Everybody is calling it "insane battery life" for a reason: because it is. And our buddy Dave has been testing it since it came out. He's even had it on a couple of ultra marathons, and he says the VERTIX 2 battery life is the real deal, which looks like:

  • Daily Use: 60 days
  • Standard Full GPS: 140 hours
  • UltraMax GPS Mode: 240 hours
  • All Systems On: 90 hours
  • All Systems + Dual Frequency On: 50 hours

Compare the VERTIX 2 to the fēnix 7X here.


Go ahead and go phone free!

In another first for a COROS watch, the VERTIX 2 allows you to upload music and store it on watch for offline listening. Meaning—no fussing with your phone while you run or workout!

It's easy to use and pair with your ear buds.

Currently, the VERTIX 2 is only compatible with MP3 files, which means you have to manually put the MP3s on your watch using a USB cable and computer. This can't be done throught the app, nor is it compatible with streaming service.

But this COROS watch has tons of storage, allowing you to throw in all your must-have training tunes!

Who's this COROS Watch For?

The COROS VERTIX 2 premium multisport GPS is right for you if:

  • You want the most battery life of any sport watch on the market.
  • You're okay with a larger, chunky watch you are going to notice on your wrist.
  • You need a rugged watch that can take the abuse you put it through on outdoor workouts and adventures.
  • You want the BEST GPS tracking.
  • You've got the budget for a $700 watch (we use Affirm for a layaway-style plan on PlayBetter!).
  • You want a huge display that will give you more info about your activity at a glance.

Probably not your watch if:

  • You want a lightweight watch.
  • You've got a mid-range budget.
  • You want more robust mapping.
  • You want more smartwatch features.

Compare all the latest COROS watches here!

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