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Garmin Enduro Multisport Adventure GPS Watch

Garmin Enduro Adventure Watch: Get tireless performance

Endurance athletes can now go the distance with Garmin Enduro, the GPS multisport watch with superior battery life

Looking for a watch that matches your ever-changing endurance? Witness it right on your wrist with the Enduro ultraperformance multisport GPS watch featuring a solar charging lens that soaks up the sun's energy for longer battery life.

Get to explore your strength and power with advanced training features, ultrarun activities, enhanced recovery timer, and workout recommendations.

Be accurately guided in challenging conditions with its powerful sensors such as multi-GNSS support, barometric altimeter, and compass.


Enduro has an always-on 1.4” sunlight-optimized display for easy viewing, even on the move. And it’s packed with our top training features and an ultra-efficient processor that lets you worry about the race — instead of your battery life.


The rugged, weather-resistant design is tuned for punishing race conditions, with a stainless steel or lightweight, scratch-resistant DLC-coated titanium bezel. Plus, it features a super-light sport loop band that’s elastic, adjustable and durable.

Built for the longest races, Enduro offers weeks of battery life, a lightweight and durable design, plus advanced training features

Next-level training

Designed for unremitting race conditions, Enduro has several new training and recovery tools. Many traditional multisport smartwatch features have been augmented specific to the demanding needs of endurance athletes:

  • VO2 Max: Track cardiovascular fitness levels with the new trail run VO2 max, which automatically adjusts based on trail conditions. A user’s VO2 Max is also adjusted by the environment through heat and altitude acclimation.
  • ClimbProTM: Get real-time information on the current and upcoming climbs including gradient, distance and elevation gain by using the ascent planner. For additional safety and awareness, ClimbPro trail enhancements provide information for descents and flats.
  • Rest Timer: Select the Ultrarun activity which features a rest timer to log the time spent at aid stations.
  • Mountain Biking: Track the details of every MTB ride with mountain biking metrics plus specialized grit and flow measurements that rate trail difficulty and track the time of descent, giving a score to beat on the next ride.
  • Recovery: Giving the body time to recover between sessions is crucial. After each workout, the built-in recovery advisor will recommend how long to rest before another big effort and the next workout based on sleep and wellness data.
  • Recommended Workouts: For training guidance that takes fitness level into account, get daily run and ride suggestions based on current training load and training status.

Everyday wellness tracking

Enduro offers innovative health and wellness features including wrist-based heart rate2 and a Pulse Ox3 sensor for altitude acclimation and advanced sleep tracking. It also includes Garmin’s exclusive Body BatteryTM feature that monitors data to gauge energy levels, which can help with scheduling workouts and rest times.

Stay connected, even off-grid

No matter where the route may lead, staying connected is imperative. Enduro is packed with navigation and connectivity features including access to multiple global navigation satellite systems to track in more challenging environments than GPS alone, as well as built-in ABC sensors such as an altimeter for elevation data, barometer to monitor weather and a 3-axis electronic compass.

When paired with a Garmin inReach® Mini satellite communicator, users can send and receive messages quickly from the wrist and share their location so friends and family can follow along, even during the longest of races or extended training sessions that go beyond reliable cellular connectivity4. The inReach Mini is lightweight and compact and can easily be clipped to a hydration pack or vest. In addition to two-way text messaging and location sharing, inReach Mini includes interactive SOS. When the SOS is activated, a response coordinator will track the device location, notify emergency responders in the area, and stay in communication with preset emergency contacts throughout the incident.

Available now, the Enduro models range in suggested retail price from $799.99 to $899.99. To learn more, visit Garmin Enduro at

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