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Features five-times magnification
Preloaded with more than 25,000 North American courses
Combines laser rangefinder and GPS into one device
Shows you distances to front, center and back of green

Bushnell Golf Hybrid GPS Laser Rangefinder (OPEN BOX)

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Bushnell Golf Hybrid GPS Laser Rangefinder (OPEN BOX)

Would you rather have an accurate laser rangefinder or a precise GPS? Why not have both?

Bushnell is combining two of the most helpful tools for golfers into one sleek device. Line up your distance to the pin, see distances to the green, and so much more!

PinSeeker Technology and Five-Times Magnification

The Hybrid laser will help you search for your target, and its preciseness will elevate your game. Accurate within one yard, the Hybrid features five-times magnification. 

PinSeeker Technology is used by more than 90% of PGA professionals. Locate your pin like a pro.

Accurate Distance Measurements

Exactly how far is it to the front, back and center of the green? The Hybrid will show you! It’s time to take the guessing out of your golf game. 

25,000+ Preloaded Courses

Don’t worry about downloads! The GPS unit comes equipped with 25,000 North American courses. You’ll never have to worry about membership fees.

Auto-Course Recognition

Using GPS technology, the Hybrid will automatically adjust depending on which course you’re playing. You won’t have to worry about programming the device before your tee time.

Auto-Hole Advance

While you’re on the course, the last thing you would want to have to do is be constantly fiddling with a device.  The Hybrid features auto-hole advance technology, which keeps up with your pace on the course.


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