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Perfect gift for beginner and avid golfers
Comes with a valuables pouch, a divot repair tool, an align tool, a ball marker, five golf tees and two balls

Callaway Golf Starter Set

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Callaway Starter Set

Callaway Starter Set

A perfect gift for any golfer

Looking for a perfect gift for the golfer in your life or just trying to treat yourself to some new golf tools? Look no further than the Callaway Starter Set!

With the starter set, you're getting all of the following:

  • Ergonomically-shaped stainless steel divot repair tool, with a magnetic Odyssey Poker Chip ball marker
  • Fleece-lined valuables pouch with a zipper closure and plastic clip to attach to your golf bag
  • Pro-Line Putt Align Tool - Enhances your ability to line up your putt with the expected break. Comes with four unique stencils and a pen that snaps directly into the tool
  • Five performance golf tees that last longer than wood golf tees and promote increased distance
  • Two Callaway golf balls



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