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Product Highlights
Cobra‰Ûªs lightest, easiest clubs to hit even help you get more oomph from your MPH.
Has larger, midsize grips that helps improve comfort and consistency with every swing.
Features a lighter shaft weights that will help golfers with moderate swing speeds generate more clubhead speed.
Lighter swing weights improve comfort during the swing.
Features a forged Titanium 6-4 face insert for improved ball speeds on off-center hits.

Cobra F-MAX Fairway Wood - Womens


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Product Information

Cobra Women's F-MAX Fairway Wood Golf Driver

MAX out performance on par 5s with the Cobra F-MAX Fairway Wood. Cobra’s lightest, easiest-to-hit fairway ever features a back/heel CG placement, an Offset Hosel and a forged 455 stainless steel face designed to help maximize performance and forgiveness. Lightweight club components help golfers with moderate swing speeds get the most out of their swing for superior distance. Visually appealing crown detail ensures you are locked in on the target.


Cobra F-MAX Fairway Wood: Offset Hosel

  • Offset model features a slightly offset hosel and is engineered for golfers with moderate swing speeds who require maximum draw bias

F-MAX Fairway Wood: Easy Up and Straight. More Accuracy. Period.

  • A – Back/Heel CG A fixed back weight positioned near the heel promotes straighter, more forgiving ball flights
  • B – Forged Titanium 6-4 Face Engineered to deliver improved ball speeds across the face for more consistent performance
  • C – Crown Alignment A visually appealing crown alignment detail makes it easy to align the club head at address for straighter trajectories down the target line

Lightweight Technology Built for Effortless Speed and Distance

  • A – F-MAX Lamkin REL Mid-Size Grip Larger, midsize grip improves comfort and consistency with every swing
  • B – Cobra F-MAX SuperLite Graphite Shaft Lighter shaft weight helps golfers with moderate swing speeds generate more club head speed with less effort for maximum distance
  • C – Lighter Swing Weight Lighter swing weights improve comfort during the swing to help moderate swingers see improvements in launch and speed
  • Brand: Cobra

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