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FlightScope Mevo+ Plus Portable Launch Monitor & Simulator

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Upgrade to Mevo+ Pro Package

Level Up Your Home Golf Setup with the FlightScope Mevo Plus Launch Monitor & Golf Simulator for Sale on PlayBetter

If you already own a Mevo+ and want to purchase the Mevo+ Pro Package Upgrade ONLY, click here. Important Pro Package Note! Once the software has been activated it cannot be refunded. You can use the unit before activating the software though - and that is fully eligible for return after use within 30 days.

Make the FlightScope Mevo Plus your dedicated garage golf simulator or the centerpiece of your indoor studio and take your game next-level. Get 16 accurate data performance metrics, simulated golf courses, Wi-Fi hotspot, and more with this golf radar. Experience more data, more features, robust simulation software options and gamification with Mevo Plus, and capture the power of every swing with action video capturing with data overlay. This game-changing golf gadget is also an outdoor golf simulator. See how in this FlightScope Mevo Plus review with our partner Gabe at Let's Play Thru, where he shows you how to turn your backyard into a golf course using E6 Connect!


The new Fusion Tracking firmware update in your FS Golf app (starting February 1st, 2022) unlocks FlightScope's Patented Fusion Tracking technology, an innovative combination of 3D Doppler Tracking Radar and synchronized image processing for unmatched data accuracy.

Measure your numbers - Real-time performance data.
Evaluate your game - Save, upload, and share practice sessions.
Visualize your improvement - Action video clips captured by phone with data overlay.
Optimize your performance - Automatic video clipping and storage.

mevo and mevo+ mobile apps
The free mobile apps give you the ability to take your game to the next level when paired with a FlightScope Mevo or Mevo+ radar. The Mevo is available with the FlightScope Mevo Golf app. The Mevo+ is available with the FlightScope Golf app, FlightScope Skills app, and E6 Connect simulation software.


Click here for a full list of product specs.

  • Measures 8 accurate performance data parameters
    • Carry Distance
    • Club Head Speed
    • Smash Factor
    • Apex Height
    • Flight Time
    • Ball Speed
    • Spin Rate
    • Vertical Launch Angle
    • Horizontal Launch Angle
    • Lateral Landing
    • Angle of Attack
    • Total Distance
    • Roll Distance
    • Spin Axis
    • Spin Loft
    • Shot Shape
  • Action video clips with data overlay
  • Dial-in your distances indoors and outdoors
  • Save, upload, and share each practice session
  • 5 Simulated golf courses (iOS only)
  • 17 practice ranges
  • Internal camera for easy target alignment
  • Wi-Fi hotspot provides a reliable connection

Mevo+ Plus Launch Monitor Only

  • Mevo+ Portable Launch Monitor

Mevo+ Plus Launch Monitor Power Bundle

  • PlayBetter 5000mAh Portable Charger

Mevo+ Plus Launch Monitor Gift Box Bundle

*Packed in our stunning PlayBetter Black Gift Box with Red Ribbon*

  • PlayBetter Car USB Charging Adapter
  • PlayBetter Wall USB Charging Adapter
Mevo+ 30-Day Return Policy

Per manufacturer policy, the return period for all FlightScope launch monitors is 30 days (you will be provided with free PlayBetter shipping label). This means the FlightScope Mevo+ unit must be returned to the PlayBetter warehouse within 30 days of it arriving at your shipping address.

For Mevo+ Pro Package Software, once activated it cannot be refunded.

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