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FlightScope Mevo+ Plus Limited Edition (2024 Model) Golf Launch Monitor Studio Package | PlayBetter SimStudio™ with Impact Screen, Enclosure, Side Barriers, Hitting/Putting Mats & Projector

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Unbeatable ALL-INCLUSIVE FlightScope Mevo+ Plus Limited Edition home golf simulator studio package. Made from high-quality materials, easy-to-set-up, sound-absorbing materials. Includes FlightScope Mevo+ Plus Limited Edition, impact screen, enclosure, mats, and projector. Available in 4 different sizes.

Build your top-notch golf simulation studio at home with the FlightScope Mevo+ Plus Limited Edition golf simulator. Paired with our industry-leading, budget-friendly studio packages, available in 4 sizes to fit your space.


A front, angled view of the FlightScope Mevo+ Limited Edition standing with the kickstand out

FlightScope Mevo+ Plus Limited Edition (2024 Model) Golf Launch Monitor

Power Adapter & USB Charging Cable

FS GolfApp, FS Skill App, & FS PC Software

PlayBetter SimStudio™ Golf Simulator Bay Golf Enclosure & Impact Screen

Optoma GT2000HDR 3500 Lumens Projector with Projector Mount

5x5' Hitting Mat & Putting Mat

Side Barriers

Ball Tray

A golfer on a golf mat performing his upswing in front of a PlayBetter SimStudio with a projector and FlightScope Mevo+ LE in the foreground

Everything You Need to Set Up Your Own Home Golf Studio

FlightScope Mevo+ Plus Limited Edition (2024 Model) PlayBetter SimStudio™ is the absolute best way to transform your garage, basement, or spare room into a golf simulator studio. And it's shockingly easy to set up! Get all the inclusions of your golf simulator plus choose from the following PlayBetter SimStudio™ size options:

  • SimStudio10™: 10' (W) X 8'6 (H) X 5'4 (D)
  • SimStudio12™: 12' (W) X 8'6 (H) X 5'4 (D)
  • SimStudio13™: 13' (W) X 10' (H) X 5'4 (D)
  • SimStudio13 Deep™: 13' (W) X 10' (H) X 10' (D)

PlayBetter SimStudio™ Impact Screen (Width will match your enclosure)

Optoma GT2000HDR 3500 Lumens HD Projector (Available in 4:3 or 16:19 Resolution. Please note: Our product images are generated, actual projector dimensions may appear slightly different)

Projector Mounting Bracket

5x5' Premium Hitting Mat (32mm knitted nylon turf, a 3mm urethane stabilizing layer, and a 14mm foam base for added comfort and stability)

Putting Grass Surface (Width will match your enclosure)

Premium HDMI Cable

Studio Sizes

PlayBetter SimStudio10™

Length: 10'
Width: 5' 4"
Height: 8' 6"

PlayBetter SimStudio12™

Length: 12'
Width: 5' 4"
Height: 8' 6"

PlayBetter SimStudio13™

Length: 13'
Width: 5' 4"
Height: 10'

PlayBetter SimStudio13™ Deep

Length: 13'
Width: 10'
Height: 10'

A golfer standing on a golf hitting mat holding a club looking down a the golf ball in front of a PlayBetter SimStudio

Your Ticket to an Immersive Golfing Experience Right in Your Living Space

Unparalleled Accessibility and Enjoyment

Gone are the days when creating a home golf haven meant breaking the bank. The PlayBetter SimStudio™ offers a fraction of the cost compared to just five years ago, providing you with unparalleled accessibility and enjoyment.

Tailored to Your Space

Worried about space constraints? Fret not! The PlayBetter SimStudio™ comes in 4 size pa