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Looking for an all-around practice mat for putting and hitting? Look no further with the Fiberbuilt Combo Mat System! This double-hitting mat combines a 10’ x 4’ hitting mat and a 6’ x 10’ putting green in one great combo. The Fiberbuilt Grass comes in on-green color with 300,000 swing guarantee; plus available hole locations for putting cups and 4 tee holes in each hitting section. Ideal for both outdoor practice or indoor simulators, this mat delivers realistic on-green conditions and injury-free practice in every use!


Hitting and putting. Righty and lefty. Indoors and out. The Fiberbuilt 10’ x 10’ Center-Stance Combo Mat is a perfect practice environment for your entire game. Combining a 10’ x 4’ hitting mat with a 10’ x 6’ putting green means 100 square feet of flexibility to make your game great. It’s the ideal solution for outdoor practice or indoor simulators.

  • Combines a 10’ x 4’ hitting mat (one 4’ x 4’ Performance Turf stance mat, two 1’ x 4’ sections of genuine Fiberbuilt Grass and two 2’ x 4’ performance spacers) with a 6’ x 10’ putting green
  • Practice every stroke, from driving to irons, wedges, chips and putts
  • Hitting surfaces use authentic Fiberbuilt Grass for realistic launch conditions and injury-free practice
  • Fiberbuilt Grass comes with 300,000 swing guarantee
  • Double-stance mat accommodates both right- and left-handed golfers
  • Multiple available hole locations for putting cups
  • Each hitting section includes 4 tee holes
  • Ideal configuration for optical launch monitors like Foresight, SkyTrak, and Ernest Sports
  • On-Course Green color
  • Assembles in just a few easy, tool-free steps
  • 2 Fiberbuilt grass (nylon) sections
  • 1 Performance Turf stance mat
  • 2 spacer mats
  • Putting Turf with 2 hole cutouts
  • 2 metal cups
  • Exclusive tool-free modular rubber foundation with easy-lock fasteners

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