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David Leadbetter Greatest Tips (DVD)

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David Leadbetter Greatest Tips

The Greatest Tips from the World's Greatest Instructor 

Learn the best tips with these 3 sections
Tee to Green - Tips for the tee, the fairway, the green...all the way into the cup
Common Hazards - Avoid those costly mistakes
Drills & Tips used by the Pros - Have a plan wherever you find yourself on the course

"This DVD represents my personal selection of the most effective tips and drills I have ever taught." - David Leadbetter

More on David Leadbetter's Greatest Tips
You'll be amazed what you can learn in just 90 minutes, especially with an expert instructor like David Leadbetter. In this DVD, Leadbetter guides you through his best tips and drills, from the tee to the cup and everywhere in between.

With this special edition DVD, the best golf teacher in the world is within your reach! Whether you're just learning the ropes or looking to refine your technique, this DVD provides tips and drills that you can practice over and over again until you're ready for the next challenge.

DVD Specifications:
Format: DVD, NTSC
Region: 0 (Worldwide)
Language: English
Run Time: 90 Minutes

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