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David Leadbetter's My Personal Golf Trainer Wii (NSTC Version)

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Product Information

David Leadbetter My Personal Golf Trainer Wii

The Leadbetter My Personal Golf Trainer for Wii is a must-have for golfers who love using tech to up their game. Get advice from Leadbetter himself! Shop now!

  • Real Leadbetter Training
  • Real Leadbetter Results with Wii
  • NOTE: This is the NTSC version of the game; works in North & South America (except Brazil, Argentina & Uruguay), Japan & Korea.

Product Description

As much as he may try, David Leadbetter can only be in one place at a time. So while it would be ideal to have a professional golf instructor right beside you at every practice, such a luxury will cost you a pretty penny. My Personal Golf Trainer for the Nintendo Wii is the next best thing and just as effective.

This in-home golf simulator for the Wii provides everything a personal session with Leadbetter himself would: fundamental instruction, personalized drills, swing analysis and shot-by-shot feedback. The Skill Tracker even allows you monitor your progress as you move from the practice and driving ranges to a full 18-hole golf course.

Using Wii MotionPlus Technology, My Personal Golf Trainer measures the acceleration, club position, and distance of movement. You'll even get personalized feedback from Leadbetter himself after each swing. The Instant Swing Feedback provides 100% accurate details about your swing and allows you to compare yours against the ideal swing to see exactly where you need to improve.

My Personal Golf Trainer features over an hour of the same drills PGA professionals use to hone their skills. These drills will guide you in proper hand and body position, movement, and weight shifting. 

Hardware Requirements

Wii MotionPlus enhances accuracy with its highly accurate gyroscope based, controller extension. The Wii MotionPlus enables all data from all swings to be recorded to the players profile. Data from multiple sessions can be compared. Swings can be recorded for ongoing analysis. (Wii MotionPlus not included)

Wii Balance Board applies force plate technology coupled with specially designed Wii software to record balance and stance. The Balance Board provides total feedback to train the player the correct repetitive weight-shift movements. (Wii Balance Board not included)

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