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David Leadbetter Plane Tape

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  • Plane Tape

    Monitor Your Swing Planes

    David Leadbetter Plane Tape allows you to monitor your swing planes back and through and observe your head and body movement. Simply apply the tape to a mirror as stated in the directions, and use the tool to help develop a more consistent swing. The tape does not leave any sticky residue, making it easy to remove, and can be reused. Using the Plane Tape for visual observation in a mirror with a reference helps to accelerate the learning process.


    How to Use
    Starting a few feet away from the mirror, and swinging away from it, have a friend position the Plane Tape on the mirror at the same angle as your shaft at address––the original swing plane. If working on the A Swing, place a second strip angled above it as described in the A Swing instruction book. Experiment to get the tape in the correct position, and then rehearse the backswing and downswing using the \/ plane concept.

    Facing the mirror, place a piece of tape in a vertical position to observe movement off the ball on the backswing and excessive lateral motion on the downswing. The Plane Tape provides visual feedback to make practice more productive.

    A Swing Backswing
    Place the Plane Tape on a mirror directly to your right as if it’s looking down the target. You need to be able to see your complete backswing.
    Place the black tape on the line of your club shaft.
    Place the red tape on the A Swing steep backswing plane.
    The tape is removable so you can adjust it as necessary. You may want to cut the tape if it’s too long for your mirror.
    As you swing back you should see the club line up with the red backswing tape.
    As you swing down the club should shallow back onto the original black shaft line.
    Try practicing the positions in slow motion Use the A Swing Short Club if you are indoors and don’t have space to swing a full club.

    Head Movement and Body Position
    Plane Tape can be used square on, looking directly at a mirror to check head movement or body sway.
    Place a piece of Plane Tape vertical in line with your head, right knee or left shoulder to clearly see your head movement or body sway. This is also a great way to ensure you have the correct spiraling coil in your pivot.


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    Valid for U.S. based orders in the contiguous 48 states.
    checkmark: Used by top golf instructor David Leadbetter in his best-selling book "The A Swing"
    info: Reusable, non-stick tape used on a mirror to monitor your swing plane
    checkmark: Visual observation in a mirror with a reference helps to accelerate the learning process
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