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David Leadbetter Simple Secrets For Great Golf (DVD)

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David Leadbetter Simple Secrets to Golf

Simple Fixes Get the Best Results.

Improve with these simple sections
Control Mastery - Gain control over your swing, gain control over your shots
Enhance Skills - Fine tune the game's fundamentals with simple fixes
Find and Fix Your Ailments - Identify your game's weak points and start improving!
More on Simple Secrets for Great Golf:

More on Simple Secrets of Golf
This DVD consists of 25 remedies that are varied, short, and simple to follow, helping you to discover the elusive elements that will allow you to play great golf.

Generally it is the same common ailments which crop up time and time again that prevent us from reaching our full potential as golfers. This DVD details specific pointers to improve your game with a short and sharp analysis of a wide range of everyday golfing difficulties, such as: fairway bunker shots, pitching consistency, topping and fat shots, and many more.

Try one remedy at a time ÌÎ_Ì´ÌàÌÎ_Ì´åå you will be amazed even if you donÌÎ_Ì´ÌàÌÎ_Ì´åÇt have time for practice, they will work. Keep things simple by following the instruction given in this DVD and most of the advice should start to give you results immediately. Keep working at it ÌÎ_Ì´ÌàÌÎ_Ì´åå any one of these solutions could be your ticket to playing the golf and shooting the scores you have only dreamt about.

David Leadbetter's Simple Secrets For Great Golf DVD features: Simple solutions to help players of all levels and analysis of a wide range of everyday golfing difficulties: Fairway bunker shots, uphill and downhill lies, misalignment, short bunker shots, pitching consistency, topping and fat shots, and many more.

DVD Specifications
Format: DVD, NTSC
Region: 0 (Worldwide)
Language: English
Run Time: 70 Minutes

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