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David Leadbetter shares his secrets to developing a consistent, repetitive motion
Helps to improve accuracy and distance
Includes over 200 illustrations, easy drills, and the 7-Minute Practice Plan

David Leadbetter The A Swing

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David Leadbetter The A Swing

Develop a Consistent, Repetitive Motion

Renowned golf instructor David Leadbetter is ready to share his secrets to a better golf swing. The The A Swing – A stands for Alternative – is a simple way to swing the club, which follows biomechanically sound, scientific principles, and only requires minimal practice. The A Swing has been thoroughly tested with a wide range of players, from tour level to beginner, junior to senior, and the results overall have been nothing short of dramatic.


The A Swing is a way to develop a consistent, repetitive motion which will improve accuracy and distance, and is easy on the body. It will fix many of golf’s common faults by taking you through an easy, step-by-step approach.


  • 200 illustrations
  • Easy drills
  • 7-Minute Practice Plan 

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