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David Leadbetter The Swing (DVD)

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  • David Leadbetter The Swing

    The Greatest Golf Instructor Shares his Secrets

    Improve your swing with these sections:
    Pre-Swing Fundamentals - Focus on grip, posture, alignment and ball position
    Swing Fundamentals - Body motion, balance, torque and power
    Upper Body Motion - Gain consistency with hand, arm and club motion
    Put It All Together - Combine everything you've learned for a consistent, powerful swing!

    More on The Swing
    Through careful analysis and use of video recording and playback techniques, David Leadbetter analyzes common errors of an average golfer, then shows precisely how to overcome the errors.

    Every aspect of the golf swing is covered: grip, posture, alignment, ball position, correct body motion, balance, torque creation, power, hands, muscle, arms, club motion. It is through his unique style of instruction and some rather unusual teaching aids that Leadbetter demonstrates how he is able to quickly improve his pupilsÕ performance.

    In addition, David also reveals a number of very useful tips and exercises all his pupils can use to practice the development of a vastly improved swing.This DVD puts it all together to achieve a repeating, big muscle, athletic swing.

    DVD Specifications
    Format: DVD, NTSC
    Region: 0 (Worldwide)
    Language: English
    Run Time: 90 Minutes


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