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David Leadbetter Whip Stick

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  • Whip Stick

    Grip it and Whip it

    The David Leadbetter Whip Stick takes your practice swings to the next level. Use the Whip Stick as a great warm up aid to increase your club head speed before stepping up to the tee. Swinging it a few times with good form will allow you to feel the acceleration at impact by way of the whooshing sound of the Whip Stick.

    whip-stick-with-david-leadbetter.pngHow it Works
    Take a few practice swings with the Whip Strick before addressing your ball. As you swing, you can not only feel the acceleration, but the whooshing sound on good swings also reinforces good habits. Try not to snatch the Whip Stick back from address or start down too aggressively from the top of the swing. The Whip Stick has a regular size grip to encourage good grip technique and the feeling of holding a real club.

    Biomechanics research has shown that swinging a light object before swinging a heavier object will lead to swinging the heavier object at a faster speed. The Whip Stick applies this priniciple to your golf swing. The Whip Stick also improves rhythm and speed and can be used as an alignment stick. 


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    checkmark: Add it to your golf bag to use for practice swings and warm ups
    info: Helps increase swing speed and rhythm
    info: Reinforces good mechanics by making whooshing sound when you have the perfect swing
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