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David Leadbetter's Faults and Fixes

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David Leadbetter's Faults and Fixes

Turning Your Faults Into Fixes

"Fifteen years of David Leadbetter's experience and hard work are condensed into Faults and Fixes" - Nick Price, 3-Time PGA Major Champion

What you'll learn in Faults and Fixes:
Common Problem Fixes - Solutions to 80 of the most common problem areas in golf
Drills for Consistency - Specifically designed to cure even the most persistent faults
Easy to Follow Teaching - You'll know exactly what your technique should look like!

More on Faults and Fixes
"David Leadbetter is the guru particularly known for the way he's molded the games of the Nicks--Nick Price and Nick Faldo--to often breathtaking levels. Faults and Fixes is a perfectly pragmatic instructional. Breaking golf into the full swing, the short game, the game in general, and mental approaches, he fills one page with a common problem--say, slicing, hooking, undisciplined practice--and on the facing page presents its cure. The language is clear, and the advice is well illustrated."

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