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Product Highlights
Features include Historical Range Data, Club Gapping, Skills Challenge, Video Analysis, Course Caddie, Audible Feedback, and much more
Uses Doppler radar technology to instantly measure your ball distance and ball speed
FREE iOS and Android compatible Apps allow your swing data to be stored and accessed via your smartphone or tablet
Comes with ES12 Launch Monitor, Manual, Activation Code, 9V Battery, and Carry Pouch

Ernest Sports ES12 Portable Launch Monitor & Digital Golf Assistant

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Product Information


ES12 Portable Launch Monitor & Digital Assistant


Instant Feedback and Proven Accuracy

When you're at the practice range, it can be difficult to gauge exactly how you're doing. You can see what direction your ball travels in and roughly how far it goes, but wouldn't it be great to know exactly? With the ES12 Portable Launch Monitor And Digital Assistant by Ernest Sports, you get the accurate, immediate feedback you need to improve your game.

The Ernest Sports ES12 is a portable launch monitor that uses Doppler radar technology to capture ball speed and distance. The ES12 pairs via Bluetooth with the free Ernest Sports smartphone app to display and store that data, as well as provide tools to analyze it; the app also serves as a scorecard while you're on the course, allowing you to track your strokes and share your progress via e-mail or social media. In addition to displaying your data, the ES12 immediately reports your ball distance audibly through your hands-free headset, headphones, or the device's own speakers. The ES12 launch monitor also pulls from all of your logged sessions and makes club recommendations based on your past performance with each club.

 use-es12-range.jpgInteractive App: Record, Report, Review

The smartphone app connects directly with your ES12 device via Bluetooth, giving you the ability to track and analyze your practice sessions. Once you hit a ball, the speed and distance are displayed on the LCD screen of the ES12 while the information is also displayed and stored on your smartphone.

Optimal Club Selection

The age old question: How do I know what club to use and when? Now you can access your own data that will give you the insight needed for optimal club selection. The Course Caddy gives you the ability to input the distance you need to hit your ball. By pulling all of your logged range sessions, the ES12 will make a club recommendation based on your past performance with each club. 

 View and Analyze Your Swing   

Analyze and improve your swing plane with video analysis. Use difference colored lines to highlight and view your stance, arm extension, shoulder turn, head placement and more! The ES12 smartphone app leverages your phone's video camera capabilities allowing you to capture your swing for frame-by-frame analysis. 




Logs up to 2,000 shots
Records club use, distance and speed of ball
Provides instant audible feedback – through speaker or hands-free/Bluetooth earpiece
Analyzes performance data by shot or club

Technical Specifications

Color: Black case with blue protective boot
Dimensions : 5.3″(h) x 3.0″(w) x 1.6″(d)
Weight: 10 oz.
Power: Standard 9V battery (2 included); Duracell preferred (approx. 17 hours of use)
Display: .67(h)” x 1.7(w)”
Operating Temperature: 25°F - 120°F

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