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Eyeline 4 Putting Elements Tool Kit

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  • Eyeline 4 Putting Elements Tool Kit

    Everything You Need to Take Your Putting Game to the Next Level

    Eyeline Golf features a line of effective and efficient putting aids, each of which focus on different aspects of your stroke. Now, Eyeline has packed their top-sellers into one bundle to give you everything you need to take your putting game to the next level! The Eyeline 4 Putting Elements Tool Kit gives you the tools to shave strokes off of your scorecard. 

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    Eyeline Balls of Steel 3-Pack
    At five times the weight of the average golf ball, the Eyeline Ball of Steel is perfectly designed to improve your putt with immediate results. The weight of the ball makes it roll off the putter face slowly, barely moving unless you hit it at the right speed and angle so you feel feedback at impact. 

    Eyeline Pendulum Putting Rod
    By ensuring a strong and balanced connection between your shoulders, arms, and hands, the Pendulum Putting Rod will put you in the perfect position for a consistent, straight putting stroke.

    Eyeline Edge Mirror
    More than anything else, what the Edge Putting Mirror gives you is consistent setup. Ideal for various putting drills, the Edge Putting Mirror provides you with a full view of your eyes, shoulder and arms, as well as your putter face and club shaft. It also features several distinct red lines, perfect for properly aligning your club. 

    Eyeline Edge Rail
    The rail guides your putter through a smooth stroke. The markings on the rail help you check your putter's distance back and through and shaft rotation.

    Eyeline Sweet Spot 360 3-Pack
    The key to successful putting is the ability to consistently strike the ball with the center, or "sweet spot," of your putter. With the Sweet Spot 360, finding that sweet spot has never been easier, providing you with feedback you feel at impact.  

    Golf Metronome Tour Edition
    Keeping a consistant tempo is key to keeping a consistent swing. The Golf Metronome helps you find your tempo and reinforce it, so you can stay consistent swing after swing.

    Eyeline Impact Ball Liner 3-Pack
    The ball liner acts as a stencil to add a line and target to your ball. This helps you align with your target while giving you a target to aim for on the ball. 

    Along with everything listed above, the Eyeline 4 Putting Elements Tool Kit comes with the Practice Sessions Book and a nylon carrying case. 


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