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Product Highlights
The alignment lines help to properly align your club
Effective training tool for both indoor and outdoor use
The mirror allows you to see your eyes, arms and shoulders, as well as your putter face and club shaft

Eyeline Edge Putting Mirror

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Eyeline Edge Putting Mirror


Eyeline's Edge Putting Mirror drew lots of attention at the PGA Merchandise Show, largely because it's compact and can easily help improve a player's putting fundamentals. The mirror is designed so that players can look down and see his/her eyes, shoulders, arms and putter face through contact.

What's Included in the Box?

  • Eyeline Edge Putting Mirror

Product Information

EyeLine Golf Edge Putting Mirror

Get an Edge on the Green

How the EyeLine Golf Edge Putting Mirror gives you consistent setup:

  • Putter Alignment Lines - Make sure you are aimed at your target and that your putter face is square
  • Built-In Gate Drills - Test how your stroke is performing, and make quick adjustments
  • Extra Durable - Non-skid polyethylene base and uniquely engineered design prolongs mirror life


More on the EyeLine Putting Mirror

More than anything else, what the Edge Golf Putting Mirror gives you is consistent setup. Ideal for various putting drills, the Edge Putting Mirror provides you with a full view of your eyes, shoulder and arms, as well as your putter face and club shaft. It also features several distinct red lines, perfect for properly aligning your club.

Measuring 7.5" wide by 12" long, the mirror's unique design makes it an effective training tool for both indoor and outdoor use. The non-skid rubber backing allows you to use it on any indoor flooring; it also means you won't need tees to hold it in place on the green.

The Edge Putting Mirror comes complete with a premium carrying sleeve, indoor putting posts, and a quick-start guide that will put you on the path to putting perfection.

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