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Eyeline Edge Putting Rail - STRONG ARC (Black, 64 Degree)

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EyeLine Putting Rail - Strong Arc (Black, 64 Degree)


See, Hear and Feel
A Stroke You Can Trust.

From training aid industry leader EyeLine Golf comes the EyeLine Putting Rail, designed to improve both your shaft angle and stroke length on the putting green. The high-contrast markings along the rail face allow you to see your putter's distance throughout your stroke (something that's even easier to see by pairing the Putting Rail with the EyeLine Edge Putting Mirror).

Watch this video about the Edge Putting Rail:


The EyeLine Edge Putting Rail is made of professional-grade steel with a powder coat finish and has a non-skid backing to keep it in place indoors or out. There are three different versions of the Putting Rail: Strong Arc (64-degree angle), Standard (70-degree angle), and Straight (90-degree angle).

The 64-degree Strong Arc Putting Rail is built for the golfer whose power comes from their arms and hands rather than their shoulders. It also helps balance out the bad habit of taking the putter outside the line by forcing you to bring your putter too far inside the line. With practice, you will find that middle ground, and your stroke will naturally even out.

The 90-degree Straight rail does essentially the opposite of the Straight version and is geared towards fixing a putting stroke that comes too far inside the line. The 90-degree rail forces you to bring your putter too far outside the line, naturally evening out your bad habit.

The Standard 70-degree angle is the most popular of the three. It is designed to work for the majority of golfers.

Made in the USA

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