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EyeLine Golf Ball of Steel 3-Pack

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  • Eyeline Balls of Steel

    Develop a Consistent, Solid Stroke

    Develops a Compact, Efficient Stroke - No deceleration, jab or complex thinking, just a smooth, consistent stroke.
    Immediate Results - Hit this 15 times before a round we guarantee your putting will significantly improve!
    Forces You to Use Good Fundamentals - Weighted ball will not move without a solid strike, forcing good form.  


    More on the Balls of Steel
    At five times the weight of the average golf ball, EyeLine's Golf Ball of Steel is perfectly designed to improve your putt with immediate results. In fact, EyeLine guarantees you will see instant, significant results in your putt after just a few minutes training with the Ball of Steel.

    The goal of the Ball of Steel is to give you the feel of a smooth, consistent putt, without any decelerating strokes or incorrect face hits. Because of its weighted design, the Ball of Steel will barely move if you hit it without enough impact or with the wrong part of the club face. Deceleration, or pre-release, is a result of improper wrist movement, and you'll know right away with the Ball of Steel if your stroke is suffering from this common fault. To strike a heavier ball, you must maintain a connection among the muscles that power your putting stroke, and the Ball of Steel will help you feel that connection.

    EyeLine's Golf Ball of Steel takes away concern for distance or target and allows you to focus on creating a consistent, solid stroke. With the muscle memory you develop training with the Ball of Steel, striking a regular golf ball with power and good form will come naturally and you will be able to focus your energies on improving those other aspects of your shot.


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    truck: This item is eligible for FREE Shipping!
    Valid for U.S. based orders in the contiguous 48 states.
    plus: Weigh fives times more than a golf ball
    info: Hit this 15 times before a round to instantly improve your putting game
    checkmark: Helps develop muscle memory
    checkmark: Offers immediate results and helps you feel a difference with a normal ball
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