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WARNING: This product will transform your short game!
Makes a great gift for golfers of all levels
Portable and perfect to carry in your bag

EyeLine Golf Putting Alignment Mirror

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EyeLine Golf Putting Alignment Mirror

Consistency Every Shot


Want to have consistent great putting? The EyeLine Golf Putting Alignment Mirror is essential for your best short game.

Here's how it will improve your game:

  • Correct Body Alignment - Mirror allows you to properly align over the ball
  • Fundamental Reminders - Lines on the mirror allow you to correct those costly mistakes before they happen
  • Portable and Easy to Use - Keep it in your bag and occasionally check your setup on the green

More on the EyeLine Golf Putting Alignment Mirror:

Few things on the links are as frustrating as missing what should be a straight, simple putt into the cup. And while practice makes perfect, if you're practicing poor alignment, you're spinning your wheels on the road to perfection. That's where EyeLine Golf's Putting Alignment Mirror comes in.

Complete with slots for gate drills and lines to reinforce the fundamentals, the Putting Alignment Mirror allows you to check your setup and properly align yourself over the ball. By practicing gate drills, you will develop the feel you need to consistently hit your ball with the center, or "sweet spot," of your putter. With practice, correct alignment will come naturally, and you will be back on your way to having a perfect putt.

Measuring 12" long by 6" wide, the Putting Alignment Mirror is portable and requires practically no set-up! It even comes with a black carry bag, so you can bring it with you to the course and use it to warm up beforehand.

EyeLine Golf is one of the industry's top training equipment companies, with a special focus on putting. Their easy-to-use products are simply designed to make you a better putter, and in turn, a better golfer. You have to practice this game to get better, and EyeLine Golf gives you the tools to practice smart! 

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