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Simple yet effective way to improve your putting game!
Developed with Jim McLean and Jon McLean
Makes a perfect gift for golfers of all levels

EyeLine Golf Slot Trainer

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EyeLine Golf Slot Trainer

Create the ideal path for your putter!

Developed by Jim and Jon McLean, the EyeLine Golf Slot Trainer will help both Path and Face. Upon impact, your ball's roll is impacted by both the path and aim of your putter. Make the ideal path!

The golf slot trainer works for both left- and right-handed golfers, and comes with a ball path trainer, a putter path trainer and a convenient carrying bag. It can be used indoors or outdoors!

Lay down the Path Trainer and you will create your ideal path for your putter. Set up the Ball Path piece - you will have gates for your putter to swing through and a gate to make sure you are starting your putt on the intended line.

Putting Path Trainer

The Putter Path Trainer will help you set up the perfect training station. Line it up to your cup, mark the correct face alignment, then remove the trainer. You'll then see a perfect line for your putter!

Set up your ideal putter path and insert tees in the slots to create a path for your putter to swing. Perfect face alignment and perfect path gates will help you make a Tour stroke.

Ball Path Trainer

Start your ball on the right line, and you have the best chance to sink a putt. If it starts off-line, cross your fingers and hope for the best. The Ball Path Trainer gives you two gates to assure the starting line of the ball.

The Putter Gate and Face Line makes sure you align the putter properly. Swing the putter through the gate on the “sweet spot”. The Ball Gate is the test if the putter face was square at impact. When you roll the ball through the ball gate, the ball's on the intended line. Hit a tee and you know the face has turned during the stroke. Then, you can make the proper adjustment.

The pieces are thin (1/16” PVC) so they don’t affect the height or stroke. The ball sits on the green, not plastic. It fits in your bag to get you ready for your best putting practice and warmup.

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