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Eyeline Putting Laser Plus

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  • Take Your Putting to the Next Level
    With Laser Accuracy.

    How the laser will immediately improve your putting:

    Consistently Targeted Putting - Laser fires two lines down from your putter shaft, keeping you on-track.
    Easy to Use - Snaps right onto the shaft of your putter!
    Instant Feedback - You can immediately tell if your stroke is off-track.

    This laser may be less than military-grade, but it's definitely strong enough to improve your putting stroke. The EyeLine Golf Putting Laser+ is easy to use and gives you immediate feedback to improve your stroke.

    The Putting Laser+ snaps easily onto the front of your putter shaft. Then simply... oh wait, that's all the setup required! How easy is that?

    More on the Putting Laser+:
    Turn the laser on, and you'll see it fires down two beams - one parallel to the putter face and one perpendicular. The line that runs in line with the putter face serves as your guide for proper positioning of your club, while the perpendicular laser serves as your target line. When you swing correctly, the beam running parallel to the putter face will indeed shift just slightly as you move through impact, but the target line should remain straight on its path.

    The Putting Laser+ is intended for indoor use, as the beams are difficult to see in sunlight. That said, it is an extrem
    ely effective training aid for use at home or at the office. It even comes with a sleek carrying case, plus extra batteries to keep you practicing.

    Simple to Use!:
    Simply snap the Putting Laser+ to the front of the putter shaft and you are ready to go. View our videos for detailed instructions and uses for the Putting Laser+.

    Laser Line #1:
    One line points to the target, perpendicular to the putter face. With a good stroke, this line will always move on the target line.

    Laser Line #2:
    The laser also shows another line along the face of the putter - square to the target line. This shows you the proper position of the putter face throughout the stroke.

    Sleek Carrying Case and Extra Batteries, FREE:
    The Putting Laser+ comes in a small, sleek black case that easily fits in your pocket or bag.Extra batteries included.



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    truck: This item is eligible for FREE Shipping!
    Valid for U.S. based orders in the contiguous 48 states.
    info: Easily snaps on to your putter shaft
    checkmark: Offers immediate feedback on your golf game
    plus: Comes with a extra carrying case and extra batteries
    checkmark: Laser fires two lines down from your putter shaft
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